August 10

Drizzly. Dense mist in evening. Yellow moon.

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  1. Chris says:

    Having just finished drizzling as I type, this diary entry was not lost on me. I wonder if George Orwell would have used twitter?

    Down with Big Brother

    Down with Big Brother

    Down with Big Brother

    … (I hope akismet doesn’t mark this as spam now…)

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  3. d says:

    It’s surreal reading these as if they just written. Like Orwell as a young emo kid .

  4. Mas Kopdang says:

    Amazing. Beijing 70 years later…

  5. All that’s needed is some of those Livejournal tags:

    music: radiohead – ‘creep’
    mood: socialist

  6. The Djinni says:

    I’d say it is more real than surreal; which is why it’s so fascinating.

  7. John Drinkwater says:

    Please, can you remember it should be ‘10th August’, not ‘August 10’.

  8. raincoaster says:

    But did he hate his parents and math class?

  9. kingharvest says:

    … Wondering if Orwell would have used Twitter… this video…

  10. G. Tod Slone says:

    Beware of blind celebrity worship, intellectual plague of the 20th and 21st centuries! Not much of anything at all is said in this Tagebuch entry, yet you stand (or sit) gaga as if before a dieu.

    G. Tod Slone, Ed.
    The American Dissident, a Journal of Literature, Democracy & Dissidence
    A 501 c3 nonprofit organization providing a forum for vigorous debate, cornerstone of democracy,
    And for examining the dark side of the academic/literary established-order milieu
    1837 Main St.
    Concord, MA 01742

  11. Bob Doney says:

    Surrey, Sunday, 10th August

    Weather is cold and showery today. I blame global warming. Nothing much happening. War in Caucuses.

  12. Omer says:

    @G. Tod Slone,
    How can you be angry with them for losing sense, when your signature is twice as long as your post?

  13. steve miller says:


    If you don’t want to read these diaries, then — don’t read them.

    If you don’t want people to blindly follow others, then — don’t proffer yourself.

    Why do people come to blogs to say “I’d never read this”? Are they unsure that 6+ billion other people might be thinking “I wonder if X is reading this? I SURE HOPE NOT!”?

  14. Richard Bohn says:

    Reads like haiku.

  15. says:

    Prosaic. But that’s the beauty of these things. It’s the unravelling of the celebrity worship that’ll occur.. The revealing of the man behind the myth.

  16. Bob Doney says:

    Caucusus. Sorry

  17. amzolt says:

    Orwell the poet !

    Quite oriental, eh?

    ~ Alex

  18. Stanley Richards says:

    Dog named “Marx” — an interesting fact about Orwell that I didn’t know until now. Hoping for many more.

  19. Saskboy says:

    It would be nice if it would drizzle here too.

  20. Yes. An interesting Word Picture. Presumably, it is a look through George’s eyeballs [I say “presumably” because I do not have the weather conditions for his location at that particular moment in history], an outgrowth of his brain which, thereafter, directed his fingers to write…..write what, exactly?

    I may go mad sometime in the next five years, swirling, as it were, in this vortex of undefined, ephemeral ironies, metaphors and, perhaps, some smatterings of satire. But that’s okay–such is the inevitable fate of the passive/aggressive obsessive/compulsive personality.

    Personally, there’s no way this can’t be inspirational on the literary level. Being in anybody’s skull can only be a learning experience.

  21. The Djinni says:

    To: G. Tod Slone.
    That is a very valid point and one that I concur with to a degree; however, I suspect most people “worship” Orwell’s work and ideals. When you are drawn into any piece of creation – be it art, craft or an opinion – you are in turn drawn to the creator. You want to know what makes them tick and why they captivate you or your outlook.
    So as little as may be said in this entry, to some it’s as important a piece of the jigsaw as any other.

  22. Kingharvest says:

    In regards to Orwell and twitter, I posted a link to a video on the topic this morning that has not appeared. Was it considered inappropriate and, if so, was the post deleted or just never appeared?

  23. shaman says:

    @ Kingharvest
    do mean the 9th posting from the top, or was there another link as well?

  24. Orwelle says:

    His dog was named “Marx”, and our Sarkozy is called “Ttoutou”, unfortunately.

  25. Orwelle says:

    “toutou”, of course ;-)

  26. Brandon says:

    Sure… 70 years is a nice round number to do this in…

    But do you realize that we may lose out on some context because the days of the week are different?


    Tuesday, 10 August


  27. VKTD says:

    Hi George.

  28. Winston Smith says:

    “People simply disappeared, always during the night. Your name was removed from the registers, every record of everything you had ever done was wiped out, your one-time existence was denied and then forgotten. You were abolished, annihilated: vaporized was the usual word.”
    – George Orwell, 1984, Book 1, Chapter 1

  29. God says:

    Orwell is overrated. Huxley + Burgess > Orwell.


  30. d says:

    @ G. Tod

    I wouldn’t say I worship Orwell, although there was a brief spell back in elementary school where I did. I’m just amazed at how well this entry seems to fit in as a sort of Xanga blog entry. I can’t imagine writing about the weather in a diary. Perhaps he wanted to remember how he would have described it on that night for future use in literature.

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  33. mathnerd says:

    A math nerd would say:

    (Huxley > Orwell) AND (Burgess > Orwell)

    Otherwise you imply that Huxley and Burgess together are greater than Orwell.

  34. @John Drinkwater – we’re reproducing the date exactly as Orwell wrote it.

    @Kingharvest – it should be there now. Nothing sinister, promise – just a while before I could get to a computer!

  35. beerzie says:

    Why are comments allowed on this site? The Internets are already a Tower of Babel; why blemish Orwell’s writing with a bunch of self-indulgent blather?

    Disable comments, please.

  36. lamarguerite says:

    Are you on Twitter?

  37. saskboy says:

    But, if comments were disabled, you wouldn’t be able to ask publicly for them to be disabled… It’s much less creepy to be able to comment on a blog, even a blog of a dead person.

  38. @beerzie: and yet here you are, commenting. Ironic, don’t ya think? q:

    @anyone who says Orwell is at least not as great as God: Poo on you.

  39. @lamarguerite – yes, we are! Go to

    Also, to the many of you who were hoping for translations into other languages… we’re signed up at Der Mundo, an online collaborative translation project, which you can find at

  40. saskboy says:

    You changed the permalink to be 1938! I thought for a moment diary entries were being removed. That would be an ironic hoot.

  41. anothermike says:

    Orwell said, “The people in the village (Wallington), who don’t know me very well, think the dog is named after the Marx Brothers. There’s one woman who clearly thinks he’s named after Marks and Spenser.”

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  43. . says:

    42 responses to 7 words?

    Disable comments now. Or at least delete those smiley faces.

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