August 31, 1938

Morning very cold, warm & fine later.

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14 Responses to August 31, 1938

  1. Gilles Mioni says:

    Our spirits, as well as the physical world, would be appreciably different if Orwell had not existed.
    Blair wrote nearly such a sentence about H. G. Wells.
    But i believe it applies particularly to him for our times.

  2. Jude Cowell says:

    Agreed, Gilles Mioni!

  3. Jonathon says:

    I would have to agree with that sentiment.

    I’m enjoying reading his journals so far, even tho he’s mainly writing about topics most people would consider rather trivial. Blair was truly a man ahead of his time. The ahead of his time part comes through in his published works, seeing how he conducted his day to day affairs tells us about the man.

  4. soushians says:

    nice on on 31th.
    just liek there was nothign more important than this, mayeb he wrote for us tolookand the around with more accurate…

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  6. Ola Claesson says:

    It is nice to see British people, or at least Orwell, to be just as obsessed by the weather as us Swedes. Could it be all the rain creating this weather neuroses?

  7. zedsdead says:

    dude loves weather

  8. Fearless Frank says:

    Much thunder; heavy showers; Cloudy all day; warm and muggy; Picked enough blackberries to make a pie; pips stuck in teeth.

  9. Charles Pooter says:

    A poor effort, in my opinion; that must be a whole page of diary wasted on one line about the weather.
    Really, Mr Orwell, try harder, that’s the way.
    A little bit of effort, and you’d soon find something to fill that page. How about your breakfast? I often find the quality of provisions from some of our local tradesmen affords me several lines of comment.
    Well, perhaps you just had an empty day, which goes to show that being an eminent individual doesn’t make your life one long round of incident.
    Carrie and I are simple folk, but I’ll wager we never had a day as uneventful as Mr Orwell’s seems to have been.
    Sent back mutton chops to Hodges, with a note asking him not to trouble us again.

  10. George~~

    Better get a candle, it’ll be dark soon.

    Oh, and didn’t I just see you in real-time with your ScrappleFace on!?!

  11. Christian says:


    the spoonerism I prefer in french is : “il fait beau et chaud” means : it’s fine and warm.

    The result is : “il fait cheau et baud = il fait chaud et beau” means : it’s warm and fine.

    But in France nobody knows why I laugh. Do you ?

  12. c. o. says:

    For the guy who wants to read about breakfast and cookery read this awesome Orwel article:

  13. Benny Ruo says:

    His writing about weather is awesome and no one can compare it with any other writers work.

  14. A lot of people that live in western countries have an obsession with the weather. I wonder why….

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