September 27, 1938

Yesterday cooler. Some thunder in the afternoon, then an hour’s steady rain in the evening. Have not worn dark glasses for several days past.

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7 Responses to September 27, 1938

  1. Herzog says:

    Hello there!
    I’m a big fan of 1984! And now will read some news from Orwell! :)
    Great job!!

    Best regards from Brazil,

  2. Mark says:

    Weather post!

  3. Ed Webb says:

    No dark glasses? Mr. Blair was not funky.

  4. Eric was “funky” but repented.

  5. danielearwicker says:

    He probably just balanced the glasses on his forehead. That way he could stay funky without bumping into anyone.

  6. Ian says:

    I love these tidbits of everyday life: who, nowadays, would tell us they “have not worn dark glasses for several days past”?

  7. The phrase is a surgically concise weather report for the previous several days and reveals that George was probably holed-up somewhere during the gap in entries and there was nothing to see and, thus, nothing to blog about.

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