Today fairly cool, & up to about 10 am almost chilly in the shade. This evening another violent dust-storm followed by rain.

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5 Responses to 13.10.38

  1. Parantar says:

    glad to be here in your diary blog…

  2. Dust-storm + Rain = Mud

  3. Ed Webb says:

    On the two or three days a year it rains in Cairo, the rain comes down black. It is airborne pollution, of course, but also the dust and dirt of the city. When the ‘khamaseen’ dust storms blow in from the desert, everything becomes impossibly gritty. Some of those storms can be apocalyptic. I remember one storm in the late 1990s where the sky turned red, visibility was under ten metres, tree branches were blowing down the streets. I wonder at that word ‘violent’ – was your storm one such as the one I experienced?

  4. Mélanie says:

    Orwell and his autumn “haikus”… simply beautiful…

    high wind
    chills the mountain
    you warm me…

    golden leaves
    fall before me
    you watch me…

    dark day
    Indian summer
    still lonely…

  5. George~~

    For the sake of clarity: Please, define “almost”. Is “almost chilly” used in the negative sense or the positive? While you were up to your ankles in black mud, posing there [nonchalant] in the shade—obsessively scrutinizing each passing frame down to its molecular level—was it warmer or cooler than “chilly”? Were you sweating or shivering? Were you wearing your sunglasses and an askew beret?

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