Stuffy, but not very hot. Today milked the small goat (which is probably not in kid) for the first time. For a long time could get no milk at all, though the udder was large & obviously contained milk. Finally discovered that if instead of running my hand down the teat in the ordinary way, I took hold of the whole quarter & squeezed as if squeezing out¹ a sponge, the milk came quite easily. Apparently a different configuration of udder. Wretched yield, about 1/2 pint from two goats combined. But they are eating well & should improve soon.

Ripe pepper falling from the trees. No eggs.

¹ ‘out’ is difficult to distinguish from ‘at’. Peter Davison

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11 Responses to 14.10.38

  1. A communique´ each day from an ‘old friend’. This is wonderful!

  2. Stephen says:

    No eggs falling from the trees, but milk falling from the udder and pepper falling from the trees, ripe but not in kid. Apparently a different configuration of udder. A wonderland.

  3. dave says:

    whats up with the udder/teat/milk obsession?

    Maternal trauma? british empire as symbolic mother figure?

    call Carl Menninger……

  4. Billy says:

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar…or in this case: goat teat.

  5. Akheloios says:

    Probably ‘at’ rather than ‘out’ then as ‘out’ is continuous, whilst ‘at’ is punctuated.

  6. Ed Webb says:

    Eric feels the heat,
    Oppressed by goats’ wretched yield.
    Ripe peppers falling

  7. George~~

    Why not don your shades, saunter to the nearest [grocery store of your choice] and get a whole, frosty-cold Gallon of that stuff (gak)? Less hassle.

    And you shouldn’t demean yourself with all that squashing of the teats of such a puny, wretched goat, anyway, when you could use that Bow Drill.

  8. Wonder if Eric has any photos of his place here–would love to see them.

  9. art brennan says:

    George Orwell is so much closer to the earth than I realized. As a child, I milked our cows. I think his comments are more mechanical than physical, emotional or psychological–but there probably is some part of everything in the expression.

  10. Shaan says:

    Orwell has an irresistible instinct of pulling in a reader. After reading this entry, I felt that Orwell had sat down and told me about his goat. His brilliant writing empowers him to share his emotions (in this case his curiosity) in such a simple manner, that you become intrigued. This entry of his encounter with milking the goat, conveys how such a spectacular man ticks. He dipicts his thoughts in such a methodical fashion yet injects a jolt of innovation making his writing and thoughts flow together. This is probably how Orwell stayed in touch with the world, instead of spiraling into madness.

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