Fine, not very hot. One egg.

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24 Responses to 30.10.38

  1. Andreas says:


  2. Dominic says:

    Runny yolk?

  3. Alex says:

    Oh, and now we know what was important to the greatest minds of mankind :)

  4. david says:

    George twitters! What are you doing in 140 characters or less. He really should get an account…

  5. Had George known that, later this evening, the World would be attacked by aliens, he might have cherished that solitary egg a bit more.

  6. dave says:

    how much goat milk? sour or OK ?
    we need more George!

    egg Haiku?

  7. Mattias says:

    I wonder how people who find this site today will think of it.

  8. Steve says:

    One fine egg, not very hot.

  9. Since we are not that far into this 5 year journey with Eric Blair, I hope that anyone who finds this site today would scan the preceding posts.

  10. I’ve known people who fit that description.

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  12. Riz says:

    Very hot, not one egg…Fine!

  13. Steve says:

    Doesn’t anyone here have chickens? One egg is totally noteworthy.

  14. itwasntme says:

    I think of him sitting down in the evening, pen in hand. How does he sum up this day?

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  16. dave says:

    Dear Responding/Reluctant Habits (???)

    Leave George’s supply of seasickness meds (previous post) alone!!!

  17. dave says:

    Dear Reluctant;

    I had a peek @ your site, I must compliment you on your “Fart” essay.

    What I like the most about Englishmen 1900-1920 (?) was their ability to put pen to paper, most evident in their letters to each other… I enjoyed very much Martin Gilberts (perhaps overlong) books on W Churchill. That guy (WC) new how to put words on paper,and economicaly too.

    My favorite WC line;told by a hostess “If you were my husband I would put poison in your tea” WC reply; “If you were my wife I would drink it”

    In this world of online writing (and to some degree in GO’s diary) I’me not getting that so much.

    Haiku or not

    Anyone agree?

  18. Andrew says:

    i think the number of comments per post here are inversely proportional to the number of words per post. might be a general blog rule, i’m not sure.

  19. Personally, I do not consider this to be a “diary” in the traditional sense of the word; rather, I consider it a Log of Interesting Things (smells, bow-drills, squished insects, goat diarrhea, barbecue grills, flora, crummy plows, puny donkeys, lousy fruit, chicken parasites) that might be useful in the future. Even though I have a good memory, I know that if I wish to ensure that I will remember something, I should write it down.

    Therefore, I don’t expect emotion or the minutiae of his relationships or breathtaking prose or, even, something “interesting” each and every day.

    The diary of Samuel Pepys—now that’s a “diary.”

  20. dave says:


    # of comments = 10000/# of words per post(squared)

    We are mostly keeping track of eggs and milk at present. Once GO “goes deep” we’ll all be lost…


    I missed the goat diarrhea entry-date? cause? ramifications? solution? resolution?

    Oh ya while I’me on a role here CAN someone tell me why Eric Blair had to call himself GO/// Was their a fatawa (??-S Rushdie) out on him,or did it sound better than Blair…

  21. LOL
    I googled “orwell diarrhea” and, about half-way down the first page, there it was—10.18.38.

  22. dave says:


    thanks for that,

    To think you can “google” the phrase “Orwell diarrhea” is a telling comment on 2008… Both good and bad

    Wonder what GO would have made of the internet…or Churchill or any great mind…

    Some of the greatest drivel can be found online…

    Editor: Including you Dave,go to bed.

  23. Gilles Mioni says:

    How much he was enjoying to use only six words to desscribe whole a day ?
    What feeling he has memorised on this day with so few ?

  24. Don Bates says:

    One egg, not two. GO clearly ate healthy and maybe even healthier on warm days. Do you think the egg was fried, scrambled, dropped or boiled? Did he have a preference? Did he ever get any on something he was writing? Did he ever have any on his face?

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