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Stuffy, but not very hot. Today milked the small goat (which is probably not in kid) for the first time. For a long time could get no milk at all, though the udder was large & obviously contained milk. Finally … Continue reading

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Today fairly cool, & up to about 10 am almost chilly in the shade. This evening another violent dust-storm followed by rain.

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A lot cooler. No snow now visible on the Atlas, but perhaps obscured by clouds. Have installed the hens & goats. Hens about the size of the Indian fowl, but of all colours, some with a species of topknot, white … Continue reading

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Midday temperature (indoors) today 26°, ie. about 78°F. This is much cooler than the last few days. This evening cool enough to wear a coat.

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October 9, 1938

Day before yesterday still unbearably hot, yesterday cooler but night very stuffy. Very hot today at midday, in the afternoon a violent dust-storm, much thunder & then fairly heavy rain for about an hour. Fearful mud in the bazaar in … Continue reading

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The other daily paper sometimes obtainable is Maroc Matin, illustrated, Casablanca. Much more left wing than the others. Poor paper and print, evidently not prosperous and not much in evidence, in fact seldom obtainable. After the crisis was over everyone … Continue reading

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October 6, 1938

Yesterday insufferably hot, & this continued till about 6 am this morning, when I felt the need of a blanket on the bed. Flies & mosquitoes still very bad. Unbearably hot all day. Apparently this is very unusual for the … Continue reading

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October 4, 1938

Still very hot in the middle of the day. Huge lumps of camel-fat (presumably from the hump), very white, like pork fat, on sale in the bazaar. Said to be only eaten by “people from the mountains.” Wooden spoons here … Continue reading

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October 2, 1938

Nightjars here, much as in England. Female donkey today, very heavily in foal, carrying respectable load of wood, & its master. Load something over 200lb., plus the foal. The Spahis ride stallions. Arab saddles, but not blinkers. Horses of different … Continue reading

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October 1, 1938

Snow on the Atlas today. Evidently it fell last night. Camels vary greatly in size, also in colour, some almost being black. Ditto donkeys, which range from reddish fawn to almost black, the latter the commonest colour. Saw yesterday a … Continue reading

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