Fine, not at all hot. People ploughing everywhere. The plough stirs the soil about 4” to 6” deep. The soil varies greatly & some of it looks rather good. Large patches which were perhaps cultivated a year ago have been eroded till the rock is sticking through. After the rain some kind of weed (dicotyledon) is springing up everywhere very rapidly & will no doubt give a lot of pasture soon. The fallen olives are quite black. Pomegranates now about over. The pomegranate tree is very small & unimpressive, much like a hawthorn bush. Some wheat (or some other grain) just coming up, evidently winter wheat sown about the same time as in England.

Passing a flock of sheep & goats today, a goat had just given birth to a kid. The shepherd picked up the kid & carried it & the mother hobbled after them, crying to the kid, with the placenta still hanging out of her. Goats will eat leaves of prickly pears. Others grazing at thorn bushes go down on all fours & creep under the thorns almost like a cat, to get at a few green leaves.

The nasturtium & marigold seeds germinating, the others not yet.

Inside still very bad.

Another kind of orange coming into season, but still not completely ripe. A largish sour kind, rather thick skin & lots of pith, but good flavour.

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3 Responses to 1.11.38

  1. miette49 says:

    Great about the nasturtium, George, but what about the egg?

  2. James Russell says:

    OK, now I am confused. Can anyone help me out?
    After the disappointment of finding that yesterday’s egg was bad inside, and this apparently wasn’t the first time, we get the single line today “Inside still very bad.” With no reference to an egg either.

    Does this mean that the comment the day before “Inside bad again” did not refer to the egg? Is it some other “inside”? Maybe a statement on his digestion? Or is he referring to an egg today in all but name?

  3. CAL says:

    I think it is clear that “inside bad again” refers to his upset stomach. But why doesn’t he try to solve this continuing problem? Probably it’s the result of drinking polluted water or perhaps eating produce that hasn’t been thoroughly washed.

    I, too, am waiting for news of the war — but WWII, not the celebration of the end of WWI.

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