One egg.

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26 Responses to 5.11.38

  1. nathanst says:

    this dude loved eggs

  2. butts says:

    again? seriously?

  3. Has anyone mentioned the yoke of oppression yet?

  4. James Russell says:

    Last time we had a repeated entry (1st and 2nd September), the following day we had the sudden shock news that George/Eric was on a boat for Morocco.

    So what does he have up his sleeve this time?

  5. Jens 'Spacejens' Rydholm says:

    Re: Daniel Earwicker

    Surely you mean the yolk of oppression?

  6. Riz says:

    Every time I read these posts, I feel like cooking up an egg.

  7. dave says:

    I think,like Pepys,GO used a code for certain entries that could be embarrassing to him.

    May I suggest,gentle readers,that “one egg” and “terrible bad last nite ” are his way of keeping score ?

    We need immediate access to his wifes Diary (“Dear DR Smith…about my husbands Viagra prescription,why did you put twenty renewals on it?)

  8. rene says:

    Une oeuf is enough.

  9. Phil Barker says:

    We all know what it’s like, you start a diary/blog. First few days you write everything, but then after a while, you just can’t be bothered with it anymore.

  10. Natalie says:

    I think that at this point the one egg is implied…

  11. Santiago says:

    A huevo!!

    Those who’ve been to Mexico City might understand.

  12. Syntaxi says:

    I think I am going on the “George Orwell One Egg Diet”

    Orwell cracks me up! :)

  13. Troy says:

    Once was brilliant. Twice, breathtaking.

  14. If things keep up at this rate, by Christmas he’ll have just enough for eggnog.

  15. I’m guessing that entries like this were probably added in, back-dated, after-the-fact on the day that he finally got around to getting the diary back out again.

  16. itwasntme says:

    Rene: “une oeuf is enough” – you get Comment of the Day award.

  17. Later, during a press conference, Mr. Blair said, “These identical, back-to-back, low-cholesterol blog entries do not necessarily signify that an undisclosed number of hens are corporately laying a total of one egg per day, ladies and gentlemen,” and refused to elaborate.

    It was at this time that an onlooker noticed egg on the cheek of the half-starved, thieving donkey. Then, someone was overheard demanding to know, “Is donkey edible?”

  18. tona says:

    Wait, I think I’m reading these entries completely differently from many of you. These aren’t eggs he’s eaten, but eggs which the animals have laid. Back on 10/27 he noted that the doves in the dovecote had eggs. Ie, had laid them. All this time I thought he was tallying their egg-laying productivity, in his spirit of naturalist observation of the events of the day. He’s not eating *dove* eggs, is he? And he hasn’t mentioned chickens.

  19. itwasntme says:

    Er, tona, I think you need to read more carefully. Of course this about his laying hens, and he talks a lot about them (head droop, etc.) Where have you been?

  20. dave says:

    Maybe George is laying them… Tona,I was wondering about the doves too..don’t let itwsnme get you down…

  21. Steve says:

    A hen lays about an egg a day, so with any luck this could go on for some time.

  22. Ed Webb says:

    One egg and one egg,
    That yesterday, this today:
    Each must be noted.

  23. The Author says:

    You can’t expect something of “Why I Write” quality with every single day. I find it fascinating that he even took the time to note in his diary that his hen lay an egg.

  24. itwasntme says:

    Oh, very sorry, I didn’t mean to offend or sound sharp.

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