Two eggs.

Fairly considerable rain recently at nights. In the daytime fine & rather warm. This afternoon some raindrops out of a completely clear sky, then a thunderstorm & fairly heavy rain.

After the recent rain the streams in the fields are much swollen, & water tortoises are everywhere. Today saw 10-20 of them, & often 3 or 4 at a time. They are generally sitting on the mud & leap into the water when one approaches. After a while they come to the surface & remain with eyes & nose just out of the water, like the frogs in Spain, diving at once at any alarm. They seem able to move very rapidly.

The goats almost out of milk, possibly because they have had no barley for a couple of days, though pending the arrival of the barley I have given them other things, eg. boiled maize.

The nasturtiums now quite large. 1 sweet pea showing. No phlox or pansies (about a fortnight), so evidently dud seed.

Some of the local dates quite good, very shiny & sticky, & roundish shape, about size & shape of large walnuts.

Inside better.

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18 Responses to 6.11.38

  1. Andreas says:

    Inside better… Well, good for him :-)

  2. nathanst says:

    Two eggs, milk and dates!

    He’s eating pretty well today, wonder if those water tortoises are edible..

  3. Leaping water tortoises are everywhere, eh?

    [Is that code for something?]
    So, I’m compelled to throw Electric Ladyland (1968) on the turntable, listen to Rainy Day, Dream Away, ponder the significance of terrapins and watch The Sweet Pea Show (a Popeye spin-off).

  4. dave says:

    Inside better…more coded messages,I’me sure

    RE: the milk shortage..hasn’t he heard of Coffemate?

  5. I’m so entranced by life on the farm (?) that I don’t even miss the political stuff.

  6. Some of my best dates ever have been shiny, sticky, and roundish.

  7. Riz says:

    Two eggs but the milk is drying up. The world has to balance.

  8. Ed Webb says:

    Fairly heavy rain,
    Rapid water tortoises:
    No milk, unfairly

  9. Rick Hamell says:

    Is he writing anything at this time other then in the diary?

  10. Natalie says:

    Two eggs, jeez fatty. =)

    I live in the Middle East and have totally not come around on dates. They remind me too much of roaches.

  11. margot says:

    i just started reading the diaries — why is he living in that horrid place? Why is he farming?

  12. orangehairboy says:

    It’s my birthday, and I’m allergic to eggs–can’t believe Orwell started his blog off with TWO of them today!

  13. Jake says:

    “No phlox or pansies (about a fortnight), so evidently dud seed.”
    Sometimes a phlox is just a phlox. To say nothing of pansies . . . !

  14. Stephen says:

    ” … like the frogs in Spain …” . Not the anarchists, Francoists or communists in Spain, about which he knows more than a little, but the frogs!! This diary is full of unexpected wonders.

  15. The Ridger says:

    He wrote Coming Up For Air in Morocco, but I don’t know when precisely he started.

  16. itwasntme says:

    Inside better.

    I’m sure now this is his polite way of saying his bowels are better. I think. He finally has some enthusiasm for the dates, possibly because “inside better”?

  17. Dominic says:

    Outside worse?

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