Fine, rather warm. Some rain last night. A few sweet peas up.

One egg.

Footmarks of tortoise in mud could easily be mistaken for those of a rabbit.

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13 Responses to 8.11.38

  1. nathanst says:

    dude loves eggs

  2. dave says:

    George goes Baden Powell-tracks tortoise… I woke up eager to hear an update on his skull project,not his damn egg supply. As an avid reader of his diary my saturday is not off to a good start.

    Margot; if your out their; George is in Morocco to convalesce from TB-for which their wasn’t much alternative treatment.( I think temporarily collapsing the affected lung was an alternate.

    The British climate was considered unhealthy,so a lot of dubious alternate climates,plus rest, were hoped to convert the disease into its inactive form.

    George is in Morocco either because his sadistic MD recommended it,or because it was a cheap place to lie low.

    Obviously he is getting the rest; tracking wild turtles and placing skulls on sticks,egg counting etc.

    I agree,the place sounds like a bad Mexican holiday…

  3. starting to suspect that someone’s planting those eggs

  4. Dominic says:

    George needed to revisit the tale of Tortoise and the Hare.

  5. Brandon says:

    I, for one, am glad that the egg is back. Still wondering about yesterday’s egg though.

    On another note, how do we know that the rabbit’s tracks aren’t being mistaken for the tortoise’s?

  6. Riz says:

    Orwell is a good egg.

  7. Ed Webb says:

    Fine, again one egg.
    Footmarks of tortoise in mud.
    Skull bleaches, silent.

  8. Hopping tortoises.
    How cool is that?

  9. Yokozuna says:

    “Eggs in Orwell’s litterature”
    I think there is an essay to write. Who knows, it might give a new and enlightening look on his books…

  10. enchan says:

    I must admit I am now hooked. I was half skimming most of the entries, but the one egg/two egg combo really got to me. And now a tortoise-rabbit conjecture has finished the trick.

    What will the future bring? (chicken are out if this goes on)

  11. James Russell says:

    One hen laying one egg each day and the rest doing nothing (apart from the odd day), or each hen taking it in turn?

    That is the REAL question of this diary?

  12. vandanls says:

    …”bad Mexican holiday”. haha. these comments are entertaining!

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