Sowed pinks, godetias & clarkia.

Rainy & overcast all day, but fairly warm. Fine sunset. Green sky. Large flocks of starlings flying everywhere.

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19 Responses to 10.11.38

  1. mike says:

    hm, that’s two days in a row without eggs.

  2. Riz says:

    Philosophical question: If Orwell doesn’t report an egg does that mean that one wasn’t laid?

  3. Stephen says:

    No eggs since he stuck that skull on a stick.
    Maybe it freaked out the hens.

  4. Another breathtaking peep through the wormhole with the bonus of an inspired, expressionist-like, palette knife glob/smear of Pea Green depicting a sky swirling in turmoil.

  5. Another breathtaking peep through the wormhole with the bonus of an inspired, expressionist-like, palette knife glob/smear of Pea Green depicting a sky swirling in turmoil.

  6. In his 1938 lecture “On My Painting,” [Max] Beckmann explained: ‘I hardly need to abstract things, for each object is unreal enough already, so unreal that I can only make it real by means of painting.’…

  7. holden says:

    I appreciate anyone who likes Orwell. I doubt this is is a place for a some college, thirty something year old who doesn’t know how to write a complete sentence. That being said I enjoy the comments and the site. I doubt we would find ourselves throwing up together in a back alley or a wash, but I like to imagine the possibilities.

  8. dave says:

    Holden; could you expand on that? My curiosity is killing me.

    I agree with stephen;lose that skull;it was a neat idea,but I always thought maybe it was a bad idea…I mean what do your neighbours start thinking of you?

    “throwing up in a back alley”…that part I get (but not the overall context)…a wash? I’me really curious.Also the college bit,???

    Possibilities? of what?

    respectfully/ expectantly

  9. @holden~~
    Your sentences are coherent enough, these are, after all, but comments on a blog—the blog of a deceased person, ’tis true, but I’m just here for the free time travel.

    As for being a 30-something college student, that’s okay…..everybody is something or other.

    Ah, the Jackal Skull-on-a-Stick! I daresay it haunts one, fait-il pas? All [non-invasive] attempts to erase it from cranial archives are futile, by the way, so just roll with it, as “they” say.

  10. Ed Webb says:

    Rainy, overcast,
    Large flocks of starlings flying,
    Haunting the green sky

    @holden – this is a place for everyone; everyone needs some Orwell

  11. Dave Taylor says:

    How can a person who writes such riveting books on social status, life and government types, write such a poor diary.

    The road to Wigan Pier has been fascinating.

  12. So far, the tentative consensus seems to be that”Diary” might be a misnomerbut it doesn’t matterbecause it’s a wormhole anywayHas Anubis been resuscitated?

  13. itwasntme says:

    Isn’t trying to sow seeds in the fall almost a guarantee of many failures?

    I live In Los Angeles, and the climate/longitude is somewhat similar to where Orwell is, but we don’t get enough sunlight to make planting new flowers from seed worthwhile.

    Is he ignoring this fact, or fooled by how different it is from England.

  14. margot says:

    Dave, thanks for the information. Now I know why he’s in this terrible place.

    The boring diary is compelling because it’s Orwell writing it and any day we might get news of war.

  15. Today’s diary (11/11) could mention something about war
    e.g.: today 20 years since end of war

    Or will it be: one egg

    I can hardly contain my excitement!

  16. zenomax says:

    The diary is boring because it is Orwell’s thoughts to himself rather than the world. He is interested in the mundane – that is what allows him to build up his view of ther world.

  17. Jake says:

    Many comments here verge on hagiography. Just let the man keep his journal in peace and be done with it.

  18. dave says:

    I had to Google “hagiography”…

    I think were mostly just making small talk,in the lineup,as it were.We have all heard that the show is supposed to be good…

    The “head on a stick,etc” is just the warm up act,as it were.

  19. vandanls says:

    is green sky a good thing? never heard of it before. strange.

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