One egg.


Method of irrigation used here. The soil in any field growing crops that require irrigation is divided into small beds about 4 yds-3 yds. The irrigation ditch which can be connected up with a stream, runs round the edge. If it is desired to water bed A, the ditch is damned° & a chunk cut out of A’s surrounding bank. The water runs into A, 7 when enough has run in the bank is closed again, the dam across the ditch removed, & the water can be run to any other place required.

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9 Responses to 12.11.38

  1. Ed Webb says:

    Out here on the edge,
    Contemplating a damned ditch:
    Europe falls, elsewhere

  2. When he saves up enough of those eggs to make a waffle, he can use a similar method to pour on the syrup.

  3. dave says:

    I bet in 1938 veterans day (Rememberance day in Canada) was a pretty big deal,especially in the political climate of the time. Hence no prior entry….?

    Meanwhile we seem to be 100% off the egg/goat/chicken/head on a stick stuff..Possible ADD ?

    I like his sketches, I wonder if he painted ?

  4. It was known as Armistice Day until after WWII.

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  6. devon says:

    I’d like point out that Orwell was writing constantly. If you take a look at his collected works you’ll see long, detailed letters, reviews, magazine pieces and, of course, novels in 1938. And it’s not complete, I’m sure. (The one at our library is only 4 volumes.) There is a short piece about Marrakesh using some of his diary observations. Also, he’s ill and is not supposed to be working at all. So, it’s surprising that this diary even exists and the fact that we can read it day by day is fun.

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  9. NICK says:

    Dam? damn!

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