One egg.

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  1. Richard T. Butt says:

    This again?

  2. Okay George, don’t ova do it.

  3. One egg.

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  4. George~~

    70 years from now your name will be prominent in an article remembering something that happened 40 years from now.
    Hey, Eric, does this wormhole allow two-way communication? Are you peering back at us?

  5. Drew says:

    JamesonLewis3rd – that article is positively dripping with bias. I think Orwell would be disappointed that it was even remotely associated with his name.

    Drew – “oblivious to the notion of a Blessed Creator”

  6. Justin says:

    Do you think it’s some kind of code?

  7. George~~

    Is it true that the photo of “Eric Blair” reproduced at the top of this very page was taken at Villa Simont where he completed Coming Up for Air!?!

    I cannot find any graphic representations of Villa Simont, has it been hacked to splinters and sold as billions of minute relics? Or, is this due to Blair’s aversion to camera lenses!?!

    [cue Twilight Zone theme]

  8. Jose says:

    It is better than yesterday´s egg, worse than tomorrow´s ONE

  9. Drew~~

    You are justified in chiding me for my failure to prominently display a warning with that hyperlink. I hope you were not too deeply offended and I apologize.

    Personally, I don’t see Orwell disagreeing with the premise of the article. I think he would have seen for himself and pondered just what the writer describes, only he would have done so long ago [and, perhaps, he actually did]. I believe he had a highly-honed paradigm by which he was able to take things to their logical conclusions. But, alas! this is all speculation, I digress and, really, to be honest, I’m here for the Free Time Travel (and, well, yes, yes, the visuals).

  10. Natalie says:


    Ha! That’s totally a my grandpa style joke.

    Honestly, I’m a little anxious to leave Morocco if it’s just going to keep being like this, but wikipedia suggests we get six months here.

  11. CAL says:

    JL3 – I, too, went to the article and was totally turned off by it. I agree that the contents show bias. What bothered me — didn’t anyone else notice? — was the really stupid grammatical mistake, the use of “I” instead of “me” as the object of a preposition. (“Americans like you and I”). Orwell would have been aghast.

  12. Heather says:

    Oh, dear. No omelet today, I suppose.

  13. Jake says:

    Re: Tthe article. JL3 needs to get his clock cleaned. The article, as the French would say, is garbage, offensive to anyone and everyone. What the heck is a “Blessed Creator” anyway?

  14. itwasntme says:

    I have no comment to make about one egg. This entry clearly cannot be expanded upon further. Since this entry is no different from some others, we can assume that it means exactly what it and the other entries say, without any bias placed upon the mental state of the writer; whether his outlook is better or worse, happier or sadder, than when the other entries were made. It is useless to use one’s imagination to broaden what was said in his entry today, and speculation that “one egg” refers perhaps to sex with the wife or a great bowel movement is completely out of bounds.

  15. dave says:

    wow…. what did I miss today?

    Could someone tell me how to get to this JL3 faux pas? where I click?

  16. Okay, go ahead and castigate me for sharing a link which I considered relevant in, at least, an abstract sense as it related to the dates and events (or I wouldn’t have bothered, honest). Scorn me and shower me with vitriol. Be meanies and stuff. But I’m not going to apologize more than once, okay?

    People come through here from all over the world, each with their own unique POV—I’m just being me; I see no reason to take it personal. I consider the inclusion of interesting [that’s my criteria, a boolean thingie called “interesting”] hyperlinks in my inarticulate comments to be proper behavior. I never know when an edifying dialogue might manifest itself—in the interim, I talk to myself, act weird and the like.
    In my futile search for pictures of Villa Simont, I accidentally discovered that The Blairs actually do make it up into the Atlas for a couple of weeks of skiing early next year.

  17. dave says:

    still can’t link to the article….
    Help,my curiosity is killing me!!!!

  18. Steve says:


    Capitalism is freedom! Academics are fascists! Very Orwellian indeed. The comments there are interesting, too.

    I, for one, sincerely thank JL3rd for bringing this to my attention, even though I think it is an ignorant, knee-jerk rant. Mark Rich (http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/16/opinion/16rich.html?partner=permalink&exprod=permalink) is right about the deep denial on the right.

  19. dave~~

    Click HERE, if you dare…..

  20. Joseph says:

    Oh, wow.

    I read the first two paragraphs of that and nearly started crying. That is the epitome of bias.

  21. dave says:

    JL3 I clicked HERE and nothing-my screen just jumps around for a few seconds..When I click on YOU I get to some unworldly “3dr blog” thing. Is my computer illiterate or is something wrong with your HERE?

    I would say,however,that anything which promotes discussion is a good thing.Until GO gets deeper into things I say bring it on, so I’me still hoping’maybe tomorrow to go THERE ,from here,if you get my drift .

    Nothing (reasonable) should be “out of bounds” including speculation about GO’s state of mind…live and let live

  22. Steve says:


    Capitalism is freedom! Academics are fascists! Very Orwellian indeed. The comments there are interesting, too.

    I, for one, sincerely thank JL3rd for bringing this to my attention, if only as more evidence for the deep denial of the US right after the election.

  23. dave says:

    OK, I found that article..Thanks Steve .It didn’t offend me,but it made me sleepy. Dystopia…is that a word? Is that what I feel whenever I go into Starbucks and have to say stuff like Grande and “no foam” ???

  24. Ed Webb says:

    Again with the egg?
    Here the air grows chillier,
    The egg doesn’t help

  25. SueWho says:

    Yes, but how many chickens?

  26. Silas says:

    I read the Bruce Walkers article about Orwell’s children too. I thought it was well thought out and relevant to today.
    Just look at all the Kool-Aid drinkers in America that swallowed Obama’s line of “Change”, without knowing who he is or what this “Change” is.
    But it all boils down to what side of the fence you’re on.

  27. Steve says:

    “Change” means “anything but this.” There’s something wrong with wanting that, after what we’ve been through?

  28. Silas says:

    Well like I said it depends on what side of the fence you’re on.
    If you agree it was right to go after the Islamic fanatics and their supporters so another 9-11 will never happen again, then change is not what you wanted.
    But if you think the U.S. should not have fought back after being attacked, you’re vote for “Chance” means turning the other cheek and bracing yourself for the next blow.

  29. The Ridger says:

    Isn’t it possible to think we need to defend ourselves against our enemies rather than a nation that was totally innocent of attacking us?

  30. James Russell says:

    Oh, the irony of the comments a blog by George Orwell being dominated by people (on both sides) spouting lies spun by politicians to subdue the masses. ALL hues of the political spectrum do it. 1984 implores us, the populous, to resist it, not parrot it.

    Am I alone in wanting a stop the posting of ill-informed political points on this site, and keep to the subjects on hand, namely the man himself, his writing skill, the contrast between 1938 and 2008 attitudes and life, and will he get any eggs tomorrow?

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