One egg.

Cylinder of Butagaz gave out yesterday. That makes 5 weeks. It has supplied pretty regularly 3 gas-jets (one of them higher candle-power – I think 60 – than the others) & a fourth occasionally.

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17 Responses to 24.11.38

  1. dan says:

    So he was cooking (his eggs) on gas.

    Why no egg tag?

  2. Jens 'Spacejens' Rydholm says:

    The combination of “eggs” and “gas” tags for this post is interesting, although less mature than I would have expected from you, Mr. Orwell.

  3. art brennan says:

    I bet I’ve tried to keep a journal at least 50 times. I’m going to try again. My standards were too cramped or demanding–or too something! Mr. Orwell, you have shown me the way! I can skip a day. I can write one word. I can enter my thoughts from the day before yesterday in today’s journal!

  4. Ed Webb says:

    Energy runs out –
    Now we’re not cooking with gas:
    Raw eggs are the cure

  5. Fred says:

    The hen had found his weakness. Without gas he would no longer desire to steal her eggs. What man would suck down her eggs raw? And if he did, burro told her what to do. She would exercise germ warfare and incorporate simonella into the mix. After all, he did get sick a few days prior. Soon, she would rule this poor excuse for a farm!

  6. Blanco says:

    One egg today, none tomorrow and never more than six a week.

  7. The reference to “candle-power” makes me think the gas was for light, not cooking. Probably a wood stove for cooking.

  8. David says:

    Salmonella. The word you are looking for is salmonella.

  9. dave says:

    Fred; Whoa boy , your free associating…

  10. itwasntme says:

    I guess he’s referring to what us’en here in the US call a propane tank.

    Now I can imagine him scribbling in very dim light. 60 candle-power isn’t very much, and you wouldn’t want to use a lot of the gas staying up late in the evening, so I’m sure it’s early to bed for them. Could be for cooking and household light as well, Janet.

    Fire in the fireplace is smoky enough without the problems of a wood stove. I’ve tried cooking on a wood stove, and it’s very tricky, especially with anything that needs baking. It has to be started up about midday to get usable heat for cooking/baking in the evening and uses a lot of wood, so I think butane for cooking also.

  11. margot says:

    I’m reading letters written during the same period. He’s broke, living on borrowed money, cold, ill, and working feverishly to finish “Down and Out…”

  12. dave says:

    Margot; thanks for the insight/info

    That is a book I have trouble recalling,and must look up .Another good masochistic one is Knut Hamsen’s Hunger .They make a strikingly good pairing.

    Poverty in 1938 was a lot more visceral for people like GO than it would be today (???)

  13. margot~~

    Could you point me to those letters?

  14. margot says:

    “Orwell –an age like this –1920-1940”

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  16. Butane fuel says:

    Buttagaz is Butane gas?

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