One egg.

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18 Responses to 29.11.38

  1. Alan says:

    Zzzzzzz. Roll on Sept 1 1939.

  2. David says:

    Full House. I win! W00t! :P

  3. Riz says:

    Yeah, tell me about it George. My week has been pretty much the same.

  4. The raw passion contained within the incessant repetition of this inspired sentence fragment is inspirational as well as awe-inspiring.

    Is it the beginning of the implied sentence? The end? Somewhere in the middle?

    My line graphs are taking on increasingly fractal-ish characteristics as my Perl scripts search far and wide for the key to the Code.

    The Egg Watch continues unabated today as, in an effort to establish its neutrality in international affairs, the Belgian government withdrew from the Non-Intervention Committee.

  5. behavedave says:

    If I had a Delorean and flux capacitor I would go back to Morocco 1938 and end this eggstravaganza of eggstraudinary nonsense and shove the blessed eggs where the sun don’t shine.

    He left the sanatorium for this eggzotic location to find the world was even more boring than the British countryside. Any egg obsessed halfwit could have told him that.

    Maybe he has OCD (or ECD in his case – Eggsessive Compulsive Disorder).

  6. dave says:

    50 bucks says its two eggs tomorrow…10,000 says its three.50 cents says Ime bored.Keep up the work JL3. Steven Hawkings phone# is 308-765-9008

    He thinks its statisically the most baffling pattern he has ever seen…He was sho0wing off his new wheelchair at dinner last nite..Lithium ion,variable belt transmission etc. Like GO he can be such a bore sometimes…

  7. The North Platte River is lovely this time of year.

  8. art brennan says:

    The North Platte River is lovely anytime of the year. Any snow?

    Perhaps tomorrow the eggs will be graded, that is, marked small, medium, large, extra large and/or cracked.

  9. David says:

    Hey Dave,

    I got my money on one egg tomorrow.

  10. dave says:

    JL3; North Platte River….NPR NPR…hmmm…the old egg code from 1943… Didn”t we used to work together @ Bletchley Park ? You were the guy with the monocle,no? You smoked those awful Russian “cigarrettes”…Is your pet Parrot still alive? Ah…those were the days.

    My fondest memory was the time you dressed up as a “Nazi” and had those student nurses tied up to……..Ah,sorry,I’me forgetting our code of silence..Ever bump into Q?

    Ta Ta old boy


  11. No, not the code nor any relation to NPR.

    What are those large round things all over the place on the other side of Lake Minatare from Scottsbluff?

    My Russian mother (b-day was the 24th) smoked L&M’s and they sure were awful but, when I was getting close to 12 and I was out of Camels (long, long before they ever even thought about putting a filter on them), I smoked them anyway.

    My mom would have been around 16 at the time of this blog and living with her mom and dad in venerable Москва́, unaware that soon she would be leaving behind what would eventually become the good old days.

  12. edwebb says:

    One egg was riches;
    Then, after two, poverty –
    Knowledge is painful

  13. dave says:

    JL3 sorry you didn’t want to reminisce with me

    Those round things are fields with circular irrigation systems-nozzles on a long rotating pipe.

    Hows the parrot? I here they can live 120 years…

  14. She would have been more like 14. Sorry

  15. andy says:

    C’mon two eggs tomorrow

  16. Bertie says:

    I do understand Orwell’s daily observations on eggs. I’ve had some chickens myself and it was really exciting to go and look for the egg(s) every day. Especially if the eggs are a necessary part of your daily meal, I suppose you are disappointed with only one egg.

  17. Ed Webb says:

    One egg was riches;
    Then, after two, poverty –
    Knowledge is painful

    [re-post – haiku first eaten by wordpress comment mechanics – scrambled, perhaps]

  18. twojeanonse says:

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