Two eggs.¹

The tallest palms are about 25 yards high (to the base of the leaves.)

¹‘One egg’ crossed out. Peter Davison

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20 Responses to 3.12.38

  1. Wally says:

    Do you suppose he went back later to check and found another?

  2. Zamboge says:

    ¹‘One egg’ crossed out. Peter Davison

    Must have been a late delivery. This would indicate Eric checks more than once a day. How many times I wonder does he check the coop. Is he becoming obsessive about his eggs – I know I am…..

  3. Stephen says:

    The brown hen laid first, this morning, and I recorded its solitary achievement in my diary when I went inside at midday. Imagine my excitment and surprise when, late in the afternoon, the speckled hen also laid! I immediately rushed upstairs and dashed a line through ‘One egg’ and wrote in the new tally. It was another two egg day! Another pair! Breakfast tomorrow is secure! I don’t like to edit this diary, just as I prefer fixed and concise observation over wordy prevarication. But on this occasion, I will let my diary record not just the fact but the process, not just the final but the interim as well – the goal, and the progress towards the goal.

    Memo to self: measure the palms to see how they grow.

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  5. Gilles Mioni says:

    Eggsorcism did not work perfectly.
    His refusal of the useless words.

    He never does not give up the expression of his own feelings.
    He prolongs the emotional impulse in a dry description of the vegetation around.

    I believe, during these morocans days, he was thinking very hard of findinf an answer to this question, the only one of such an impotance for him :
    Why I am writing ?

    Never not to forget the dilemma of strangeness that is in any man of the middle-class and make him to verify allways if he is really living.

  6. dave says:

    Mr Davidson; Were their any tears (of joy) on the page of the diary..?

    Any “yolky” (can that ever be a word ?) fingerprints ?

  7. art brennan says:

    Gilles Mioni:
    Am I correct in saying that your theory on GO’s journal entries is that he keeps a record of things only, never his feelings? Is he doing so intentionally or unintentionally?

  8. dave says:

    Art; see my earlier (brilliant ) musings. The guy is 99% out of touch with his emotions. Many “explanations” offered up by folks,but I’me not buying it…

    Maybe the deepest thought he was having was what was for lunch…

  9. Yes.
    Now that he has come forward with all of the pertinent facts through this insightful, self-probing blog I have enough information to diagnose Mr. Blair as being just like me.

  10. Ed Webb says:

    One egg, sous rature,
    Process of observation
    Laid bare: now two eggs

  11. Do you suppose he found that second egg up one of those tall palms?

  12. Gilles Mioni says:

    @ art brennan

    Yes, you’re right.
    I have the impression from reading his diary that he was forcing to not appear himself emotionally, even indirectly.

    At this time of his life, to describe things and factual concepts seems his major concern.

    He did not want to write about him (Note carefully each of its actions, even the most minor) as when he was younger.

    I think that was really the problem, he was trying to resolve:
    why I want to write and incidentally the best way how to do.

    But I must say that I am an avid reader of G. Orwell.
    Sometimes I have the illusion to have know him.
    Is this serious doctor Bradshow ?

  13. dave says:


    It could be serious….take two aspirin, and call me in a month.

    Is his detachment the sign of a disciplined writer or or a character trait????

    Dr Bradshaw

  14. Gilles Mioni says:

    Dear Dr Dave Bradshow,

    I have taken what you have recommended to me.
    I feel better. Thanks.
    I hope very much it is the sign of disciplined writer !
    His future texts would be very good. I look forward
    Surely, I will call you.

  15. Yokozuna says:

    You really have to write masterpieces to have people counting your eggs (litterally!) 30 years later

  16. dave says:


    Don’t fall into that trap! Is Dali’s work necessarily going to be seen as “masterpieces” in 200 years ?,Why was Mozart considered just so so @ the time of his death…

    Remember “The Emperors Clothing”…..

  17. @Gilles Mioni

    You should have said “I’ve had one Asprin. No, two.”

  18. Von Wereknel says:

    I had a tooth removed, and I have no aspirin or panadol or panadiene. Poor George, I know just how you feel. Or is it Gilles Mioni I know better?

  19. vanderleun says:

    Good thing he was a writer, otherwise his life according to the journal is unutterably boring.

    Pepys this aint.

  20. Dominic says:

    How many dates on those palm trees, George?

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