Two eggs.

In the morning dust-storms, then fairly heavy rain. The afternoon cold & misty, just like England.

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17 Responses to 8.12.38

  1. But no Countdown on the telly, eh George? Must be a bit homesick by now.

  2. Anchal says:

    in Mancheter right now..pretty much described it!

  3. dave says:

    Ottawa -21 C (windchill -28) I hear its “cold” in the UK……Cold seems to be what you get used to…

    If I was unemployed or retired I might have checked the “Possibly related” link “Womb of Water” ……Am I missing much??

    The egg supply is pretty much a cert now ,it seems. All bets are off.

  4. It’s Sunday in 1938 but it’s Friday in 1665.

    As I wandered aimlessly through one of the many catacomb-like appendages jutting from the wormhole at random intervals pondering the profundity of the above sentence, I glommed a copy of today’s LAT.

  5. Ed Webb says:

    The dust-storms again,
    And a misty afternoon:
    Eggs provide comfort

  6. Dave Taylor says:

    “Ottawa -21 C (windchill -28) I hear its “cold” in the UK……Cold seems to be what you get used to…”

    I’m in Wigan in the UK (yes the Wigan from ‘The road to Wigan Pier’) and lately it’s been -6C at night and just freezing during the day. Even though were at a similar latitude as southern Canada the Gulf Stream keeps it mild (That is relative as you say, I’m glad of it) and I think the worst the UK has seen is -20 C (The previaling wind was probably from Siberia).

  7. zenomax says:

    From memory, Orwell does not return to England until Feb/March in 1939.

    Should we be running a sweepstake on the total number of eggs mentioned during his stay here?

  8. dave says:

    DT; So whats up with the pier? ie actual Hx and reason its in a title?
    This is a chance for local expertise…

    I recommend goose down parkas…Have you visited my Antarctic sugg?

  9. Steve says:

    Back to England in a few months — he certainly does seem to be feeling better these past couple of weeks, writing more and getting out of the house.

    With two hens reliably online and a third beginning to lay, I predict four eggs by the first of the year.

    It’s unnaturally warm here in the NW USA. Yesterday one of our bantams strayed into a neighbor’s yard and their beagle mauled her. She’s recuperating in a basket at my feet by the fire.

  10. Roving Thundercloud says:

    Heh heh. Hens online. How do they use the keyboard, via the hunt & peck method?

  11. George~~

    Have you read Raymond Chandler’s Red Wind yet?

  12. Maybe it would be simpler if the hens each had their own blog.

  13. Dave T says:

    “DT; So whats up with the pier? ie actual Hx and reason its in a title?
    This is a chance for local expertise…”

    The Pier was a part of a complex where cotton was unloaded from the local canals (The area does have more miles of Canals than Venice) and then distributed to the local mills (The canals lead all the way from the sea docks at Liverpool and the cotton came from the rest of the empire (The empire was covering a third of the earths land at the time)), essentially this was a region where the industrial revolution took hold in a big way (The building is a night spot and a museum now). The reason that Wigan was chosen was that it was an area of poverty (this was after the revolution) and people would have benefitted from socialism and ultimately communism (in a pure form, not the abused totalitarian version that so many people from the states have a knee jerk reaction to with-out understanding the pure forms upside). Its a good read at the beginning where he was describing the extreme poverty at the time until he describes his feelings on socialism and why even the people that would have benefitted from it didn’t vote for it, of course his views were biased as he was from the bourgois class that would have lost out due to such a reform.

    Of course now in relative terms everyone in the UK is wealthy enough to have a good life and never worry about being fead or housed so it is irrelevant. That said though we took the obviously good parts of socialism e.g. National Health service, benefits for job seekers, council provided housing etc that there needn’t be anyone without the minimum amenities (although there are some that I assume are that way by choice or are in such a mental state that they are difficult to help.)

    Any way – I could go on about how I agree and disagree with George about socialism and it appears on the whole he was right as in the real world pure communism has never lasted so long before it was abused (maybe except Cuba but that was totalitarian and extremely poor (although communism needn’t mean poverty as China has demonstrated) however founded on humatarian reasoning)

    Time for my bashing by people far better educated on the subject than myself so do your worst.

    “I recommend goose down parkas…Have you visited my Antarctic sugg?”

    Could you elaborate please your contractions have got me confused.

  14. Steve says:

    Too many hens for separate blogs. It’s best if just one of us does it. In chicken sick bay, Bella laid an egg late this morning.

  15. dave says:

    Dave T

    Thanks for that most excellent report!!!

    I am an unabashed R Reagan/R Nixon fan….enough said….

    Re: goose down parkas..I was referring to the winter coat needed in Canada. Being exceptionally cold today, I chose my” North Face Summit 900″ coat and muskrat hat… Cold is sort of neat to try to deal with. I was just thinking today that animal products still make the best insulators (sheepskin,fur,down etc. So much for clever mankind.

    My Antarctic sugg was a daily diary of E Shackeltons (?) greatgrandson walking to the south Pole..I am a great Shackelton fan…Check it out (esp the daily audio report) @ Shackelton Centenary Expedition.org or whatever…

    Like GO its a great daily uplift..The 1910-15 travels,of Shackelton,Scott and Amnundsen are also a great winter nite read..

    Thanks again

  16. dave says:

    PS Shackleton and Scott wore wool clothing to the south pole.His great grandson is benefiting from Gortex,carbon fiber sleds,polarized sunglasses etc (but no dogs{Amundsen} or Siberian ponies{Scott,Shackleton})

    I bet they have Down sleeping bags……

    I’me rooting for the grandson.The 1914 guy turned back @ 97 miles from the pole..”better a live Donkey than a dead Lion” His ideas are now espoused by management type experts…

    The Norwegian used dogs,beat Scott by 20 days and lived to tell all

    (in a nutshell)

  17. Jake says:

    JL3: Thanks for the reference to “Red Wind.” In the US, maybe the UK as well, there is a kind of board game, or used to be, called “Where’s Waldo.” Now we know: Waldo’s dead.

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