Two eggs.

Notice that ibises always collect round a man digging & are very tame then. Presumably after worms etc. They did not do this in Burma. Probably there is next to no food in the streams here.

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11 Responses to 9.12.38

  1. Anil says:

    I think eggs contain stuff that make you paranoid enough to write 1984.

  2. Perhaps the ibises are spying on the man, looking for signs of unorthodox digging.

  3. Jordi Fibla says:

    He can do much more than this, as shown in “Burmese Days”. Take the pigeon that appears there: “A single green pigeon fluttered down and perched on a lower branch. It did not know that it was being watched. It was a tender thing, smaller than a tame dove, with jade-green back as smooth as velvet, and neck and breast of iridiscent colours. Its legs were like the pink wax dentists use”. You’d think you’re reading “Arabian Nights” until you get to the dentists’ wax bit. I find it wonderful. George was a genius, no two ways around it.

  4. dave says:


    Very nice.

    Maybe he should have focused on naturalist stuff,and dropped all that political/social/”deep” stuff…you can’t get any more pure honest than in the natural world…(and I don’t mean Animal farm)

  5. Well, here we seem to have yet another difference in definitions, this time: pigeon.

    Here in North America we are cursed with trillions of pigeons in every city and town but they do not and will not sit on a tree limb. They are also not green (there is some greenishness or purplishness on the necks of some), rather they are a repulsive Rat Gray.

    These pigeons were imported several hundred years ago from the other side of the Atlantic. These pigeons will only perch on the ledges of buildings and such because they are cliff- or rock-dwellers.

    The “green” “pigeon” referred to here by George is probably a type of dove in the same sense that the “tortoises” mentioned in earlier posts were actually turtles.

    So there.

  6. tona says:

    What happened to the lovely handwritten/photo header?

  7. @tona

    We’re trying to fix it asap – hopefully it’ll be back soon!

  8. Phil Barker says:

    @JamesonLewis3rd see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pigeon The rock pigeon is only one of many species of pigeon. (Oh, BTW, when you say turtle you really mean tortoise :-) )

  9. itwasntme says:

    We have egrets here in all areas of California. They follow the cows around and pick up bugs and small snakes, as well as stand on the edges of lakes, streams and marshes to get fish and frogs.

    This, and the mention of cool nights with warmish days reminds me of how similar much of the California climate is to his area of north Africa.

  10. Ed Webb says:

    What is it they know,
    Inquisitive ibises?
    Do they search for eggs?

  11. Jordi Fibla says:

    Here (the North Mediterranean coast) we have hundreds of naughty turtledoves perched on the telephone wires in wait for some dog’s food leftovers and shitting the whole day to their heart’s content. Any car parked in the curb gets duly decorated by their ugly droopings. I used to hate them, but since I started to follow this diary I kind of feel I’m beginning to look at them through Orwellian eyes. I only hope I won’t soon start counting the number of shit splashes on the windshields.

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