Two eggs.

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18 Responses to 11.12.38

  1. ksklein says:

    I guess the numbers of eggs right! :)

    It is fun doing that every morning!

  2. erikwdavis says:

    I was worried after yesterday’s post about the Villa Simont that we’d start getting off-topic. Glad to see we’re back to the eggs.

  3. Leon Jacobs says:

    Immortal words. They just won’t die.

  4. spreelanka says:

    an excellent omen. Today will be a good day.

  5. Now it doesn’t matter what country he’s in. “Eggs is eggs” as my aunt used to say. She’s in an asylum now.

  6. Frank says:

    Orwell’s diary is the literary equivalent of Bushmiller’s Nancy.

    Two eggs = Three rocks

  7. dan says:

    I wonder if he bought a chicken to get his eggs, or if he had an egg and nurtured it to hatching a chicken and subsequently took more eggs from that chicken?

  8. Basil White says:

    George Orwell ate two eggs: therefore George Orwell had always eaten two eggs, and George Orwell would always eat two eggs.

  9. Jordi Fibla says:

    George, please: put an end to this eggs affair. Stop it or you’d deserve to be amicably bludgeoned –with an eggplant, of course.

  10. Robert says:

    Just checked my fridge this morning and found four eggs. Four eggs! And if I’m not completely mistaken, such a morning discovery would have been also perfectly imaginable in the year of 1984. Seems like 1984 would have been rather an eggciting utopia than a dystopia to George.

  11. Ergo: George Orwell is a deranged Egg Fiend.

  12. Brandon says:

    I knew it was a two egg morning.

  13. Ed Webb says:

    They talk consumption,
    Whereas he writes production:
    The clash of ages

  14. I. Wolfe says:

    And if he gets two eggs tomorrow, he’ll have five eggs. Right?

    (I sure hope someone hasn’t already made this joke).

  15. swisssmallfish says:

    Warum zum Teufel kauft er NICHT ENDLICH EINEN HAHN.

  16. Thoughtcrime does not entail eggs: thoughtcrime IS eggs.

  17. Yokozuna says:

    Those posts would’nt be difficult to translate into Newspeak.

  18. andrew says:

    you know, that donkey just died. today.

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