Two eggs.

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6 Responses to 13.12.38

  1. debcha says:

    Two eggs yesterday, two eggs today. Five eggs total.

  2. George~~

    Why is there no report on the dry riverbed’s status after the previous day’s heavy rain? “Moot,” you say? Hmph.

    How about changing up and giving us a tag for “Two” ?

    What about your upcoming trip to the Atlas? As you gaze through that window, what is your snow report?

  3. Robert says:

    How’s the broody hen doin’, George? Did you find out where she hides the third egg?

  4. Hugo Blanco says:

    All this to gather energy for a future endeavour. It is all in the eggs and in the sand he sees in this baptism of solitude. I would say that his days revolves around this egg or two.

  5. Ed Webb says:

    They give me two eggs
    And benign indifference:
    They tell me nothing

  6. Hiroken says:


    I see what you did there <3

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