Three eggs.

Heavy rain in the night. Today cold & cloudy, with heavy showers & violent wind.

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18 Responses to 19.12.38

  1. ken says:


  2. Skymt says:

    What a feast!

  3. “a violent wind”
    That sounds pretty grim. I hope the poor chickens survive the storm. Did George remember to batten down the hatches?

    I can hardly wait for tomorrow’s news.

  4. 702 says:

    “Today cold & cloudy, with heavy showers & violent wind.”

    70 years passed by, but the weather’s like the same here today.

  5. Fred says:

    That’s “batten down the ‘hutches’ “. He’s got chicken hutches, not hatches. If he’s got hatches, then he must have a rooster and not getting his morning poached eggs, right?

  6. art brennan says:

    The three eggs, the dark, the storm, and a violent wind–could the Thane of Cawdor be far behind?

  7. Steve says:

    Actually, I think it’s rabbits that live in hutches…I don’t know if GO would use the same word we Yanks do, but here chickens live in coops (not to be confused with co-ops).

  8. Ed Webb says:

    The three eggs cannot
    Shake the foreboding caused by
    This heavy weather

  9. Hugo Blanco says:

    Now three and closer to the Trinity. Huevos rancheros or revueltos?

  10. David says:

    I would make myself an omelet. actually I have a dozen eggs in my kitchen. I think I am going to make an omelet.

  11. Fay Shirley says:

    I think the English word is usually “Hen House”.

  12. Meerkat says:

    The violent wind could be due to overdosing on egg sandwiches

  13. ken says:

    Not to escalate the hatch/hutch/hen-house controversy, but hen-house is certainly the best bet if we take the first line of Animal Farm:
    “Mr Jones, of the Manor Farm, had locked the hen-houses for the night, but was too drunk to remember to shut the pop-holes.”

    So, I hope he battened down the pop-holes!

  14. Within the Hen House and/or Chicken Coop the hens, in rotating shifts, stoically stand guard over the pop-hole, prepared to peck a snarling jackal’s nose.

  15. Merry Christmas!
    Happy New Year!

  16. itwasntme says:

    It’s interesting to me in Los Angeles that the weather here is tracking almost perfectly with the weather there day for day. Heavy dew, big rain. No big wind, though.

  17. Hector says:

    You can’t beat a good North Atlantic weather system, even by 70 years.

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