Two eggs.

Heavy rain at night, raining on & off all day. The little stream we followed up some time back, then a tiny trickle of water, is now a rushing torrent about 10 yards wide. Today saw two rainbows parralel° in the sky, a thing I have not seen before.

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13 Responses to 20.12.38

  1. It snowed in Chicago this week. I have had no eggs this week.

  2. Von Wereknel says:

    The two rainbows thing happens quite often here where I live, though one is always significantly lighter and more transparent than the other.

  3. timothyMN says:

    Back here in England it’s a dull grey morning. It must had drizzled during the night as the ground is still wet. In the distance it looks slightly foggy and it’s reasonably warm given the time of year. (But I don’t feel the cold much.)

    I’m about to have scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast. Alas brought from the supermarket and not foraged.

  4. tona says:

    Who’s the “we”? Did his wife hike with him upstream some time back?

  5. art brennan says:

    It snowed about a foot last night in Weare, New Hampshire. Perhaps I will sculpt some eggs and remember George. He never says anything about his neck or his TB. I hope he’s feeling better. Here it seems we usually have the two rainbows, the one above being the most transparent.

  6. George~~

    Thank you for responding to my query of several days ago regarding the “dry” riverbed. Your prompt response is totally appreciated, dude. You made my day.

    Apparently, the Automatic Generator has reason to believe you and Eileen surfed on a couch. Query: Dare I ask, Where? Over the rainbows and down the rushing torrents by any chance?

    I remember glomming my first double rainbow–I had to pull over and marvel.

  7. Here in LIttle Egg Harbor, NJ, we too had heavy rain yesterday. Over so many miles and so many years, it makes me feel a kinship with him.

  8. Ed Webb says:

    Trickle to torrent,
    Nature accomplishes much,
    and I notice all

  9. Joseph Oswald says:

    Actually, the two parallel rainbows is more likely a simple double rainbow not the supernumerary.

  10. Mary Maceachran: Nobody can stab a corpse and not know it.
    Robert Parks: Really? When was the last time you stabbed a corpse?
    ~~Gosford Park (2001)

  11. OF COURSE!!!!! says:

    I was just reading this new book on the same man orwell and waugh (a stretch as a unifying concept but a good read none the less) and I looked at the pictures again of Orwell and his health and it struck me like thunder…

    HE HAD MARFANS SYNDROME!!!! clear as a bell. Look at his hands, his chest, his shoulders his thin lips slightly hooked nose, downard sloping eyes, small attached earlobes AND marfans can have bad lung problems from childhood JUST AS HE DID, and if he had lived without TB these other ailments may have presented themselves.

    This is another strike for the MARFANS who clearly have nothing wrong with their brains!!!!

  12. Having survived a “violent wind” the chickens witness a “rushing torrent”. Tremendous stuff.

  13. Hector says:

    Good to see George had trouble spelling too.

    Rainy here in Bali. But warm. No rushing torrents and the chooks in the kampung opposite are quiet. No rainbows observed but the mountains come out of the gloom from time to time. Omelettes for breakfast tomorrow (our own, not from the neighbours’ chook run). And to be cooked by our resident treaure, too.

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