Two eggs.

Finer, cool, a few spots of rain.

One of the pigeons is dead – cause unknown.

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12 Responses to 21.12.38

  1. vr0n says:

    No! I hope we don’t start counting deceased pigeons. G hasn’t mentioned a cat (the main regulator of bird populations around here) but I guess pigeons eventually reach terminal old age… I’m hoping this is the cause, rather than avian flu or such.

  2. “one of the pigeon is dead – cause unknown”
    the “violent wind” and “rushing torrent” of the last 2 days may have played their part, perhaps the poor bird’s heart simple gave out at the sheer terror of it all

  3. flutter says:

    That pigeon died of egg envy.

  4. Yes, the pigeon was found, but the message it was carrying was gone.

    Fowl play is suspected.

    Necropsy results are expected soon.

    Panic is not advised.

  5. Opinion: The “Possibly related posts” widget distorts both “Possibly” and “related” beyond recognition.

  6. Basil White says:

    The pigeon has always been dead. The moment is structured that way.

    Whoops, that’s from Slaughterhouse-Five.

  7. Stefan says:


  8. Headline:
    Pigeon Panic Escalates Despite Lack of Evidence

    Photo Caption:
    The gendarme continued his questioning of a nonchalant Orwell by pounding his very own forehead with his very own clenched fist and repeatedly asking, “What, exactly, WHAT is ‘Finer’!?! I MUST know!” even as tears streamed down his agonized facial features, soaking his dishevelled brown shirt.

    Ignoring the official’s tantrum, Mr. Orwell pondered a cuticle, wondered aloud if it wasn’t, by any chance, tea time and whether the toxicology results were in yet.

  9. Dominic says:

    Has George ever mentioned eating eggs? Will he mention eating squab?

  10. Ed Webb says:

    Coolly I notice
    Eggs and weather, the details,
    Fall of a pigeon

  11. ken says:

    Avian flu

  12. NIK says:

    Pigeon was crushed under avalanche of eggs.

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