Two eggs. Saw large flock of green plover, apparently the same as in England. Clear & fine, afternoons fairly warm.

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  1. We have our own plover around here (Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia). A plover family moved in to the middle of a school playground. The plovers were driving the children away. Ray, the environmental consultant, was called in. He pointed out that plovers will dash at you but rarely make contact. Still, he wore his full motorcycle gear and helmet when he went to move them to another location.

  2. Also, I liked the phrase a couple of days back: “The pigeons are all right.” It reminded me of The Who – The Kids Are All Right.

  3. zenomax says:

    Green plover eggs may soon be making an appearance.

  4. So. The plot thickens with the introduction of The Plover Underground which had successfully completed their infiltration of the local habitat despite their greenness. No one had realized they were there until they were there; until they were there, that is, poised to spontaneously attack simultaneously.

    Beneath a sky turned moss-colored by millions of pairs of feverishly-flapping wings, only a fortunate few had access to full body armor and time was running out.

  5. Comstock says:

    Very interesting project, but why are so many of the readers’ comments so utterly witless? Orwell was writing a private diary, not a blog; he wasn’t jotting down impressions of his everyday life for the benefit of some under-employed cretin 60 years hence. I’m not sure what the trite, clever-clever replies are meant to express other than the posters’ own historical ignorance.

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  7. Please ignore the above link. It is dead. Or click “Home”

  8. Ed Webb says:

    The plover are green,
    The weather is clear and fine.
    But soon I must leave

  9. Ed Webb says:

    Wonder not, Comstock!
    Fun is not for ev’ryone:
    Leave it to others

  10. “saw large flock of green plover” is clearly another cryptic Orwell code. The man is definitely a spy. But who for?

  11. Who, indeed! Live at Leeds

    Fox Muldar reportedly has an X-File on George Orwell.

  12. X-file? Can believe it!
    I reckon green plover is Orwell’s codeword for Graham Greene nearby in Mallorca looking out for U-boats, or am I getting ahead of the plot?

  13. George~~

    This is a prime example why I am enjoying your blog.

    I know that I, too, would pause to observe the ants.

  14. I happen to be wearing a very nice green plover today.

  15. Wait!

    Saw large flock of green plover, apparently the same as in England.

    Is not an observation!

    It is instructions!

  16. art brennan says:

    Comstock is eggsactly right.

  17. Ed Webb says:

    And then they all knew:
    Comstock had always been right,
    They all loved Comstock

  18. The San Diego Chicken says:

    There is no eggcuse for bad puns and punditry.

  19. Overheard while sitting on a wobbly stool in a two-bit diner–elbows sticking to an ancient laminate counter–sipping rancid coffee and gnawing on a three day-old donut:

    “Two eggs (extragalactic ghost ships) = 2x.”

    “Yeah, but…..”

    “The key is in the understanding of the context or lack thereof (context).”

    “Yeah, but…..”

  20. art brennan says:

    SD, you mean eggscuse. I don’t think “eggcuse” is even a word.

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