Three eggs.

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  1. Natalie says:


  2. Take 3 eggs or 1, 2, 3, 3, 3, 2, 3, 3, …eggs
    just to go back a few days. George cannot
    possibly be eating all these eggs, can he?
    His cholesterol level would be in red alert
    area by now.
    It is, as we all suspect, a secret code. With the looming
    war Geoorge has developed a threat level code
    as we have today with our red, orange and green
    only George uses egg counts, 1, 2, or 3.

  3. Alan says:

    Three comments

  4. I doubt that this number of eggs would be harmful, particularly if he keeps his activity level up.

  5. Stephen, I think the recommended egg consumption level is 2 a week, or have I been living in cloud cuckoo land? Mind you, I haven’t studied up on eggs since MP and Health Minister Edwina Curry got the sack for saying that eggs might contain salmonella, which they might, and should be boiled for 5 minutes, which probably they should. Edwina was blamed for a serious slump in sales of eggs, and consequently bacon. Presumably millions of pigs and chickens were needlessly sent to farmyard heaven.
    It was a real live Animal Farm scenario.

  6. art brennan says:

    A winter morning,
    And three eggs sunnyside up,
    Help George breathe easy.

  7. Ed Webb says:

    A decade later,
    Writing 1984,
    He sang these details

  8. dave says:

    Todays comments are eggzactly what I was talking about….esp gwilym…

    I need to be less eggocentric…

  9. kShaw says:

    Actually, Men’s Health has long since debunked the “eggs are bad” myth. Besides, the cholesterol from eggs isn’t nearly as bad as that recieved from the rest of a person’s meat diet. as long as he’s keeping up with his soluble fiber and excercise, he should be okay.

  10. Natalie says:

    Oh well if Men’s Health debunked it… =)

  11. Farmer John says:

    I doubt Orwell is eating any of the eggs. As far as I can tell, he’s counting how many are being laid. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that he’s supplementing his income by selling them at the local market.

    You know…. Jane Jacobs once characterized a dark age as a period in which not only do we forget some culturally important practice but we also forget *that* we have forgotten. We now seem so far away from the sources of our food that we can’t even seem to conceptualize life in the countryside. I remember my grandmother’s joy at the high quality of the asparagus one particular year… And, of course, we paid as much attention to the hens as Orwell does.

  12. I assumed he was laying them.

  13. Farmer John says:

    yup…. that’s another thing: countless hours in front of a TV have so impoverished the capacity for genuine conversation that the best many residents of capitalist countries seem to be able to offer up are vapid one-liners.

  14. Farmer John, George might also sell a few eggs at the local garage. They’re good for sealing leaking radiators on old cars. I wouldn’t risk it on a modern car I don’t think. But in 1939 it would be ok.
    I remember onetime driving over the Nant Francon Pass in a 1952 Morris Oxford when I my radiator suddenly went west. I got some eggs and water, must have been from a farmer, and fixed leak myself and carried on to Anglesey no problem. In fact the temporary repair lasted a couple of years I seem to remember.

  15. dave says:

    Farmer J;

    Are you in a Communist country ?

    If so, you are safe from vapid one liners as you watch a 2 hour replay of the 1979 landing of Vostok 6,and the 2003 May Day parade…..?

    gw; you are eggzagerating with that last tale….Everyone knows the best way to fix a radiator, in Russia is to hitch your horse to it

    Ronald Reagan

  16. Jens Söderberg says:

    Stephen, I think the recommended egg consumption level is 2 a week,

    But if all things we do, one shall die. Then i cannot see that a recommended dosage of eggs would bring us further or less from death. With that in mind, why bother?

    My recommendation, less eggs and further study.

  17. art brennan says:

    Oatmeal for the radiator and the transmission.

  18. Stephen says:

    If he was selling them at the market, surely he would have been diarising the prices he was getting, who he was selling to, how he was getting to market etc. Nope I think he is just eating them, with Eileen scoffing a few as well. 1939 was way to early for cholesterol scares.

    BTW does haiku constitute a vapid three-liner?

  19. Steve says:

    Two eggs per week is the modern USDA recommendation. In EB/GO’s day, I’m sure there was no such thing. Besides, if eggs is what you’ve got, eggs is what you eat. I agree that if he were selling them, he’d be recording his prices.

  20. The Ridger says:

    I eat two eggs a day. So did my mother until her death at 85. Nothing’s definite. Besides, back in 1939 no one would have thought twice.

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