Heavy mist yesterday morning. In general distinctly hotter. A lot of wildflowers now, two of marigold type, a sort of daisy, & various others.

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8 Responses to 22.2.39.

  1. The Ridger says:

    Birds he nails; flowers are “a sort of” and “type”… A man after my own heart.

  2. Ed Webb says:

    The year turns steamy,
    Hotter, with mist and wildflowers:
    Soon I must fly North

  3. “In general distinctly hotter.”

    Gently putting aside the grammatical horrors contained within the above sentence, one discovers the mysterious, inferred minority which are not “distinctly hotter” and finds oneself wondering if there might be some which are only “somewhat hotter.”

  4. “In general distinctly hotter” is pure Orwell, reminiscent of the Shipping Forecast. Northwest 4 or 5, increasing 6 at times. Slight or moderate, occasionally rough in Humber. Occasional drizzle later. Moderate or good, occasionally poor later.

  5. “a lot of wildflowers now” is classic spy-sprache. You don’t fool me with your “marigold” and “sort of daisy”, Herr Orvell-Blair.

  6. ramon says:

    where have all the eggs gone? was there one posting this year with egg-count?

  7. The Ridger says:

    The eggs? He lost track, so he doesn’t care any more.

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