Yesterday I found a dead snake, about 2’ long, the first seen in Morocco.

Very hot. It is said that this year there has been more rain than usual, so it should be a good year.

Another flower now common is pale yellow with deeper yellow centre, about 2” across, & resembles a small sunflower.

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7 Responses to 11.3.39

  1. Before George made this discovery, Moroccans basically assumed snakes were immortal.

  2. Steve-Hole says:

    But how many eggs??????

  3. Barnaby says:

    Does George mean a) the first dead snake seen by him in Morocco, b) the first snake dead or alive seen by him in Morocco, c) the first dead snake seen by anyone in Morocco, d) the first snake dead or alive seen by anyone in Morocco, e) none of these answers?

  4. Holden Caulfeild says:

    I think I’me going to start reading this Diary,and possibly some of the responses (Editor: stream of consciousness shurely?) as a bedtime soporific…

    The discussions of 9/3/39 demonstrate clearly that a creeping malaise is overtaking folks…boredom perhaps…Feels like a cocktail party where some of the conversation is ebbing..
    The poetry remains good…

    Lets pull up our collective socks (wits) and show any random internet wanderers what we are made of…(JL3 ??)

    Go out their and win one for the Gipper !!!

  5. Holden Caulfeild~~

    Okay, I’ll stop. It’s all yours.

  6. Ed Webb says:

    Heat and rain, dead snake,
    Small flowers, double yellow:
    Signs of a good year

  7. bardo says:

    It seems nobody gets the relevance of this entry… it’s the first time George uses “I” in a phrase…

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