Chilly, windy in the evening, & light showers. Began clearing out rhubarb patch, otherwise busy moving hen-houses. Evidently it helps a good deal if one can induce them to eat a meal in or very near the houses immediately after moving these, otherwise they always wander back to the original site.
M. behaving as though on heat. Not certain but shall note date (next should be 5-6 May.)
Saw another swallow. Thrush is sitting on eggs in our hedge. Dead nettle in flower. Sloe blossom quite pretty. The little tree I planted in the hedge 2 years [ago]  & imagined to be a crab (because I found it under the apple tree & thought it was a sucker) turns out to be a bullace or wild plum.
Eight eggs.

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2 Responses to 15.4.39.

  1. Stephen says:

    M: or is she just kidding?

  2. Bonnie says:

    Good old Muriel – and no kidding – she could read somewhat better than the dogs, and sometimes used to read to the others in the evenings from scraps of newspaper which she found on the rubbish heap…

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