Rather chilly with sunny intervals, not much wind. A very light shower in the morning.
Cowslips in flower here & there. This I think is rather early. Bluebells also beginning, a few almost in full bloom. This undoubtedly is unusually early. Wild cherries in full bloom. Sycamore leaves opening. Apple blossom almost about to open. Another thrush sitting [on] eggs in the hedge. Found a blackbird’s nest with eggs. These are the only nests I have found hitherto.
The pond up by the church has become so stagnant that it no longer has duckweed, only the scummy green stuff. Nevertheless there are still a few newts in it.
Summer time began today, M’s morning yield consequently small, but picked up in the evening.
Ten eggs (price of eggs sold yesterday 1/9 a score).

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8 Responses to 16.4.39.

  1. I, too, am always looking for the opportunity to use the word “hitherto” in a sentence.

  2. Stephen says:

    So he’s selling them! This changes everything!! Here was I thinking of eggs boiled, fried, poached, scrambled and omeletted, even cracked raw into a glass of milk, and Eileen making the toast … and he’s selling them down at the market!! And not exactly for a king’s ransom either – less than a penny each. Today’s 10 eggs will get him ninepence. I’m shocked. But why should I be? Being a novelist doesn’t make you a millionaire either, and he has run a store before…

    Shades of Manor Farm isf you ask me. I wonder if M’s milk, in whatever quantities she can produce, is also going into a pail for the villagers to buy.

  3. The Ridger says:

    But a penny bought much more 70 years ago, didn’t it?

  4. DavidP says:

    Um, not sure about your arithmetic there. 1/9 is 21 pence, so it’s more than a penny an egg, not less.

  5. Barnaby says:

    This is gripping stuff.

  6. J Harold Hutchinson says:

    In 1939 I was fifteen. A bunch of us kids spent one day digging, cutting the tops off and sacking carrots for the local Chinese market gardeners. We were paid five cents a sack. I made one dollar that day by sacking twenty such bags. That bought a large Pepsi because it was ‘Twice as much for a nickle too, Pepsi Cola’s good for you’ Or so the commercial rhyme said.

  7. George~~

    Why/How did Muriel surmise the beginning of summer? And, as a follow-up, if I may: Why did this cause her to ration her secretions of proteins, fats, lactose, and various vitamins and minerals?
    If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow, don’t be alarmed, now…..
    [In reality, logic infers that he is referring to Daylight Saving Time (or your variant thereof).]

    I’d rather imagine Muriel with a lipstick, marking the days off on her wall calendar until the Blair’s return from distant lands and wondering who Eric is with now while dabbing a tear from her eye with a lace hankie.

  8. Stephen says:

    Sorry; arithmetic never was my strong point despite having been raised in the (what seems now an eccentric) pre-decimal currency era. So yes George should get slightly more than 10d for his 10 eggs today, not 9d as I calculated last night. Point is, eggs were not priced on a per-unit basis but a per-‘score basis’ (even more eccentric than selling ’em by the dozen as today). Point is, the pricing system reflects an abundance of eggs. Presumably this is a wholesale price.

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