Fine & very warm all day.
Bluebells everywhere. White starlike single flowers with many petals (Star of Bethlehem?) now in bloom. In the garden, forget-me-nots, tulips & one or two anemones in bloom.
The thrush near the bullace tree has not deserted her nest, as I had imagined. It is evident therefore that they can be off the nest a considerable time without the eggs getting cold.
Apple blossom just about bursting.
Impossible to get broody hens anywhere. Nobody seems to have any.
Ten eggs (plus another 5 laid out, since about the 14th).

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9 Responses to 20.4.39.

  1. Barnaby says:

    “Apple blossom just about bursting”
    Same here in my house 15 miles south-east of Dijon, France.

  2. Augustus Carp says:

    Please can you remind me, where is Orwell living at this time?

  3. Steve says:

    It’s remarkable how much better he seem to be feeling, if number of entries is any indication of his health/mood. A few months in Morocco and a week back home in bed were just the thing, I guess.

  4. gnatalby says:


  5. Meanwhile, there is a creepiness that lurks, as it must, in the nooks and crannies of the wormhole.

    I am convinced that “broody hens” is a covert euphemism (are covert euphemisms?).

    “Nobody seems to have any,” indicates, quite clearly, that a spontaneous, simultaneous and surreptitious planet-wide alien abduction took place on, or just prior to, this date. Unfortunately, there is no extant archaeological evidence to support this fact.

  6. zawan says:

    Hey, are these really Orwell’s diaries?

  7. Steve says:

    No, no, “nobody seems to have any” just indicates that no one in the ‘hood has any silkies.

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