Cold & windy, with some sunny intervals & a few spots of rain.
Flag irises budding. Some apple blossom full out.
Planted early potatoes (Eclipse, about 10lb.)
Procured two broody hens, but not putting them on the eggs till tomorrow, to make certain.
Paid for hens 3/6 each.
Water hens on the pond evidently have a nest.
Twelve[1] eggs.



NETTLE, unwanted in the orchard or yard, can with great benefit be transferred to the kitchen, where they provide nature’s remedy for removing winter spots and blemishes from the skin.
Choose only young nettles; these should be thoroughly washed, then boiled, strained and chopped like spinach. They are a good vegetable and excellent blood purifier.
Thoroughly wash a peck of nettle tops and boil them with one ounce of bruised ginger in a gallon of water for half an hour. Cut up a lemon in slices and put in a big bowl with 1lb. Of brown sugar, and strain over them the gallon of water from the nettles. Stir well, and when the sugar is dissolved and the mixture of lukewarm add a cupful of barm and let it work for eight hours. Then skim and bottle.
Boil fresh nettle tops, 1oz. crushed ginger, 1oz. dandelion root, 2 sliced lemons and 1lb. of sugar in 1 gallon of water for 20 minutes. Strain into an earthenware bowl and when it is lukewarm add 1oz. of yeast on a square of toast and let it work for a few hours. Skim and bottle. It is ready to drink next day.

[1] Orwell originally wrote ‘eleven’. Peter Davison

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5 Responses to 22.4.39.

  1. Hachi says:

    Interesting that he comes across the newspaper cutting right after trying to get rid of the stuff. That nettle beer recipe looks good, I might take an attempt at it.

  2. Holden Caulfeild says:

    Ya ,cheapskate that he is I bet he was kicking himself!!!

    I have seen older/European women in my neighborhood collecting Dandelion leaves for salad and wine….
    Seems like you can make booze out of anything…..

  3. This will be known as Orwell’s ‘Nettle Period’.

  4. Dominic says:

    Dandelion are sold in many supermarkets in the States.

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