Raining most of the day, & cold. 14 eggs.

[From 25 April to 9 May Diary is written in Eileen’s hand.]

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5 Responses to 25.4.39.

  1. Eileen!

    It is so very nice to meet you! How’s the eggpoultry business going?

  2. Now, the question(s) arise(s): Is Eileen in on it? Does she have a copy of the key? Does this post depict her version of “cold” and, if so, how does it compare to Eric’s? If Orwell is dictating, is she accurately transcribing (is she putting her own spin on it)? Will she refer to him or herself as “E.” ? Or…..

    E: Write this down.
    E: Yes, Eric.
    E: I’m George.
    E: Yes, Dear. I have a sharpened pencil at the ready…..

    [quick-zoom to ultra-closeup of the sparkling, highly-sharpened pencil-point]
    [voice-over by Bob Dylan]:
    Humphrey Bogart as George Orwell. Lauren Bacall as Eileen. Basil Rathbone as Elisha Cook Jr. An epic view of the common thread of good versus evil through the ages. Nominated for 98.6 awards.

  3. Steve says:

    Oh, dear. He seemed to be feeling so well for the last couple of weeks. Maybe he overdid it. It will be interesting to see if Eileen will give us any insights into how he’s doing health-wise, or if she’ll write in his voice only.

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  5. Eileen~~

    Please, tell George that I’m having way too much fun. Send help because I want to order something from your egg store and I can’t find your web site.

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