Sharp frost in the night. Raining. Short fall of snow in the morning. The doubtful hen sat the eggs during the night but was finally found not to be broody. Shall still put the eggs under a hen if obtainable, & watch results.
Fifteen eggs (highest). 1/10 score.

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4 Responses to 26.4.39.

  1. Daniel Earwicker says:

    Blimey. I turn my back for five minutes, and suddenly 15 eggs are deemed commonplace and unworthy of comment.

  2. The Ridger says:

    I love the phrase “the doubtful hen”.

  3. Yes, the phrase caught my attention as well. My brain cell tagged it as Orwellian for some reason, and somebody spoke and I went into a dream

    Why wouldn’t a hen show some trepidation before committing herself to this assignment? Wouldn’t she grok that there will be countless eyeballs trained upon her impatiently expecting some sort of “performance” or something? Is it worth the pressure? Does she really have the inner desire and drive necessary to break the world record for Simultaneous Egg-Hatching?

    Then again, perhaps said hen observed that there is a well-honed hatchet over there by the altar (grill) and, therefore, “finally” confessed to using a forged Broody ID Card?

  4. (This blog surfing hen to the doubtful hen – stop laying eggs, do something productive… like spending hours on the internet reading other people’s blogs! LOL)

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