9 eggs.

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8 Responses to 28.4.39.

  1. arran says:

    Ok, now that HAS to be some form of code.

  2. Malcolm says:

    arran you’re right!

    look at the date of the post, the message, and grab a mobile phone to decypher. He’s using a classic reverse cypher here, so read the numbers in the date backwards:

    9 = 9 (obviously), 3 = ‘e’ on your phone, 4 = ‘g’… 8… well obviously there are 2 ‘g’s…. and the 2, well…. damn I thought I had it.

    Well obviously it somehow involves a mobile phone, which weren’t invented at the time so I think this proves Orwell had visions of the future (that is if 1984 isn’t enough for you).

  3. If it’s a form of code, it’s the world’s slowest code, at fewer than one character per day.

  4. My local telephone company used to be called Nynex.

  5. Roving Thundercloud says:

    9 eggs. Ah, a rush of nostalgia!

  6. Steve says:


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