14 eggs. Came to Greenwich.



NOTE: Pictures taken by Orwell in Morocco, as well as some press cuttings and other items from his time there, have been added to the Image Gallery. Gordon Bowker has kindly contributed an essay on Orwell’s time in Morocco.

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15 Responses to 30.4.39.

  1. John Richards II says:

    Wow, love the photos!
    Thanks for all the work putting things together.

  2. Steve says:

    This item from the image gallery: https://orwelldiaries.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/radio-news-27-3-small.jpg

    Is an issue of the “Radio News” from the crossing home aboard the SS Yasukunamaru. It’s absolutely chilling.

  3. cliff says:

    put the images where they belong! HERE!


  4. @cliff – the new images are entirely separate from the diary – they don’t appear on Orwell’s diary pages. Where he does include images, we include them in the blogpost (e.g. https://orwelldiaries.wordpress.com/2009/03/04/4339/).

  5. Steve says:

    And don’t call ’em stupid! They control our destiny!

  6. I am fairly certain I will need tranquilization due to the intense anticipatory sensations I will surely experience as I await 5 May 2009. Has anyone leaked the final tally?

    Witnesses hinted that a young Phillip Marlowe was seen scurrying from shadow to shadow with a satchel overflowing with cash through the streets of Greenwich at 0300Z. Binoculars peered from multiple locations, as everyone knew there was about to be a meeting; it was a well-known secret.

    This is why the Egg Count is Paramount! The clues are all there, I tell ‘ya! It’s the combination to the “Sanctum Sanctorum” ….. the surreal secret of the snapping synapses of Orwell’s Brain!!!!!

  7. Meanwhile, I decided to scrutinize the overhead surveillance images associated with the link in E.’s post.
    While panning northward, I was not surprised to observe anti-aircraft artillery on a nearby rooftop cleverly disguised as the shadows of chimneys. I immediately notified Interpol, of course, who transported me to a subterranean location thousands of miles away for debriefing. I am transmitting this unencrypted message to you surreptitiously via brainwaves.
    Batman is born (02 May 1939), fully-grown, and begins his never-ending quest for Bela Lugosi.

  8. George Orwell is made an example of in a quote from former CIA director Woolsey in this article.

  9. Steve says:

    Holy cow, JL3! I hope you came across that article as a result of your tireless scan of all things Orwell, rather than as a subscriber in any sense to that stuff. To save other readers the trouble of following the link, in the preface to United in Hate: the Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror, Woolsey uses Orwell as an example that “not all leftists and ‘liberals’ are partners in a romance with terror and tyranny.” Duh.

    Of course it’s true that the left got it wrong on Soviet Communism, but the book appears to omit discussion of the Spanish Civil War, for example. Orwell was part of the International Brigade fighting — wait for it — the rightist Nationalists who had staged a military coup against the democratically elected worker-oriented government. It probably doesn’t mention Henry Ford’s admiration for Hitler, and the fact that I heard Obama compared to Mussolini by a right wing-nut on talk radio the other day is too new for inclusion.

  10. Steve~~
    Interesting reaction and one for me to ponder, I suppose, before I respond.
    I’m not sure that an excerpt from the preface of someone else’s book should have context added to it, beyond its actual context in the book review and in the book itself.

    I should have been more specific in my reference; I should have pinpointed this sentence:

    Woolsey selects 1984 and Animal Farm author George Orwell as an example of a man of the Left who was intolerant of totalitarianism.

    I found it intriguing as it related to Orwell’s writing thus far and hardly worthy of an Orwellian ad hominem attack.

    I wonder if my clever formation of the sentence in which the link is found is a clue.
    I’m not here with an agenda. I’m learning, bonding with my ancestors by walking through the days leading to WWII, having fun and flexing my imagination.

  11. Steve says:

    We’ve known one another far too long to be making attacks, ad hominem or otherwise, JL3, but if it felt like an attack, please accept my apologies. My intent was merely to express surprise and alarm at the contents of the link.

    To the extent that my comment was personal at all, it’s because I was (and am) hoping you were immune to what I think reasonable people can agree are the extremist views of a book that cherry-picks history to reach a foregone conclusion. In words Orwell later used to describe antisemitism, the book’s arguments are “quite irrational and will not yield to arguments.”

  12. I confess! I came across the sentence during the course of my normal routine (using the term loosely), not by Yahoo!ing George Orwell. The sentence caught my eye as I was scanning my feeds because it was oozing mass quantities of irony and stuff. I only read the paragraph the sentence was in. Forgive me, but I didn’t consider the rest of the Book Review worth reading.

    The following is a comprehensive list of the RSS Feeds to which I subscribe:
    “Ubuntu – news, usn”
    “Stephen Fry”
    “Pepys’ Diary”
    “American Thinker”
    “3rdBlog from the”

    My Email Blog Subscription List is a bit more extensive. That’s because I don’t really like to clutter up the sidebar in my email client which is where my Feed Reader resides.

    My Browser’s Bookmarks List is, of course, a vast, eclectic organism.

    Now, from this meager evidence, is it logical to conclude that I agree with each and every word of each and every thing that I read and hear? Is it necessary to sound the alarm, that JL3rd had shared another one of “those” links again?

    No, it did not “feel” like an ad hominem attack. My logical conclusion, from reading the words themselves, was that, if possible, you would gladly censor edit sabotage my comment for the Greater Good; in the spirit of Groupthink, or some variant thereof, since it appears that I may very well be thinking wrong thoughts and, thus must be quarantined, lest I infect others with Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion and such notions of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

  13. Steve says:

    JL3rd, perhaps you don’t mean that last paragraph any more than you meant it when you suggested I had carried out an “Orwellian ad hominem attack” against you.

    In fact, I hope you won’t mind if I assume that you indeed don’t mean it, and rather than that you might think that I value the First Amendment and the Declaration of Independence any less than you do.

    Please don’t self-censor your future comments or links on my account — I’ve found the vast majority of them interesting and worthy. Chances are there’ll be another one from american”thinker” — they’ve mentioned Orwell over 100 times already.

  14. Holden Caulfeild says:

    —- as a bedbug….
    that’s what I think
    computer technology/search engines simulate intellect…

  15. Tim says:

    agreed with Holden Caulfeild

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