Outside Miller Hospital[1], starlings & sparrows stripping bark, apparently to make nests. Some small boughs completely stripped.

[1] The reference to Miller hospital, the visit to Greenwich, where Eileen’s brother, Laurence O’Shaughnessy, lived and Eileen’s writing the diary may indicate that Orwell was undergoing tests under O’Shaughnessy’s direction, possibly as an in-patient for a day or two. Peter Davison

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6 Responses to 3.5.39.

  1. The automatically generated “Possibly Related Posts” should be renamed “Not Even Related Posts.”

    For example, the one which quotes the Navy Times describing such unbelievable horrors as, “…..an elderly couple played a keyboard and sang hymns, such as ‘The Old Rugged Cross,’ much to the delight of Christian veterans waiting for doctor’s appointments.”

    The “War is Peace…..Et Cetera” link is broken.

  2. Did George Orwell ever see the 1935 version of Crime and Punishment with Peter Lorre?

  3. zenomax says:

    Also, did George Orwell ever dance the jitterbug with Lorre?

  4. Yes. Yes, I confess. I couldn’t bring myself to say “starring” because he was billed second, as “The European Sensation” or some such, so I went with “with” even though it ( “with” ) was ambiguous in the extreme. I considered slashing the phrase from the [already lame] comment but the sentence needed [at least] something because the words “Peter Lorre” were the designated punch line. I should have gone with “Starring” .

  5. “…..apparently to make nests…..”

    A clever subterfuge, indeed.

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