Overcast in the morning, fine & warm in the afternoon. Blue speedwell & bugle out everywhere. Buttercups about at their tallest. Dandelions seeding. Large toadstools in the fields.

Strawed strawberries. Applied sodium chlorate to the remaining patch under the walnut tree.

Yesterday watched a thrush cracking a snail on a flat stone. Not, as I had thought by pecking at it, but picking it up and knocking it on the stone.

15 eggs. Sold 10 eggs today, the largest batch sold hitherto. (1/10 a score).

Eggs to date (see vol. I) 565.

Week starts tomorrow.

27 May 1939 Clipping 1

27 May 1939 Clipping 2

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5 Responses to 27.5.39

  1. zenomax says:

    Killing a snugly lying queen wasp – what fun.

  2. zenomax says:

    And I’m so glad to see George’s week starts tomorrow. The clues for a careful and exacting reader are emerging thick and fast.

  3. My investigative staff overheard a rumor that there is a metaphor somewhere in this post that explains the last sentence.

    I had lost my recipe for leathery Gelatin Moulds, so I am grateful for its reproduction here today, George’s day off. Cooking moulds is a great recreational activity—especially as part of a recuperation/rehabilitation regimen—it is fun for the whole family.

  4. Miles Davis, Pink Floyd (his real name) and Nick Dogoda partook in a conference call with George Orwell today and came to no conclusions. Orwell resented having to spend any portion of a Wednesday [his day off] distracted from his beloved hobby, Gelatin Moulding.

    Dogoda could see quite clearly that Orwell felt egg queries should be restricted to business hours and Dogoda didn’t argue; actually, he could not help but agree even though he, personally, had no days off—didn’t want any, either.

    Samuel Pepys had been scheduled to participate via the wormhole but did not. He was busy looking into the purchase of some surplus eggs and cocoa tins—and who could blame him?

  5. Wasp tip much appreciated. Has anyone a tip for getting rid of pesky ants?

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