Very hot & dry. Planted 1 score of T’s lettuces & about a dozen (smaller) of our own. Protected with sacking, as with the tomatoes. E. planted 7 dahlias.
The hen had pushed away 4 of the duck eggs, which had become quite cold. Put on another hen, removing one egg. Not certain whether this will have killed those eggs (which had been sat on for 24 hours.)
12 eggs. Sold 40 at 2/- a score. Total this week 98 (+7=105).

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2 Responses to 3.6.39.

  1. I, too, would push away cold duck eggs; straightforward, understandable. After all, who wants hypothermia?

    On the other hand, Put on another hen, removing one egg!?!
    This post is, in reality, an elementary algebra problem:


  2. Meanwhile, E. left her magazine on the bench and M. is eyeballing it.

    The latest Doc Savage novel, The Flaming Falcons by Lester Dent, comes out this month.

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