Extremely dry & hot, but a little wind. There is fairly heavy dew at nights.
Planted out 2 bush marrows, putting tins over them. E. cut the lawn with shears & then with the mower, which Albert H.[1]  has sharpened (paid for sharpening 1/6). Continued sticking peas.
M. giving nearly a quart. Have sent for another goat, British-Alpine cross, kidded last month, £3.
9 eggs (plus 5 laid out = 14). Sold 1 score (2/-.)


[1] ‘H’ usually signifies ‘Old Hatchett’, so Albert H. may be another neighbour at Wallington, perhaps Albert Hollingsworth. Peter Davison

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4 Responses to 7.6.39.

  1. The Ridger says:

    “E. cut the lawn with shears”??!!?

    I hope they have a small lawn!

  2. Who. Who was sent? Surely, Eric wouldn’t send just anyone on such a crucial, cross-cultural mission to the Alps.

  3. Stephen says:

    At current production levels, and using today’s prices quoted on Wallington Commodities Markets, the hens will pay for the new goat in 43 days.

  4. Roving Thundercloud says:

    Cut the lawn with shears, and mowed too? What is that goat doing loafing about all day???

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