Very dry, not quite so hot.
Prepared another marrow-bed, this time digging it less deeply & putting on 4-inch layer of lawn-clippings. Shall compare results of this style of bed with the other. Weeded & hoed the French & runner beans. Not much more than half of them are germinating. Uncovered the lettuces. Thinned out apples on the grenadier. About 60 left, but presumably not more than a dozen will stay on.
D.M.  rose is full out, delphiniums almost out.
M. is hardly eating any hard food, but her milk is not down.
12 eggs (plus 7 laid out = 19).
Duck eggs said to take 28 days or a month, so these are due out about June 30-July 2.

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4 Responses to 8.6.39.

  1. Stephen says:

    4″ of lawn clippings: E. had a pretty tough day of it yesterday with the shears (and newly sharpened mower).

  2. Roving Thundercloud says:

    Well, if M. isn’t feeling well enough to handle a lawn small enough to clip with shears, perhaps the new goat can.

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