Last night fairly heavy rain for 4-6 hours, which has freshened things up greatly. Today overcast & cooler.
Wildflowers now out: dogrose, poppies, campion, knapweed (a few), eggs & bacon, scabious (a few), elder, sainfoin.  A few fruits on the wild plum tree. K.’s leg better but her yield only about 2 1/4 pints, so am increasing her feed.
15 eggs.

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3 Responses to 11.6.39.

  1. Stephen says:

    Yes, this is interesting. G interprets K’s leg crisis as a cri de coeur (a bleat de coeur perhaps) and decided to reward her attention-seeking behaviour with extra doses of Full-o-Pep.
    If M was to blame, her effort has clearly backfired. Experct her yield to fall.

  2. Barnaby says:

    Dogrose well over here (Dijon, France).

  3. Jane Smith says:

    I am so glad that it has rained at last. It must have been had work keeping the garden watered in the heat. 16 days of warm, dry and hot weather this early the year … if that happened now there would be a national crisis and cries of ‘global warming’.

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