Bought 8 new R.I.R.[1]  pullets, 3 to 3 1/2 months old, well forward 4/6 each.
Finished putting up new house, which however is not creosoted or roof-felted yet, also the door needs adjustments. The old hen guarding the first lot of chicks has some sort of infection in her eye & will probably have to be destroyed.
3rd lot of peas (dwarf, sown 5.6.39) just showing. Runner & dwarf beans sown in box (6.6.39) coming up.
The broodies E. put in the cage, released yesterday, have[2] all (seven) gone back to normal.
K. now having 11 handfuls of feed at a meal, & yield rising very slightly (nearly 21 /2 pts.)
12 eggs. Sold 30 @2/- score.

[1] Rhode Island Red.
[2] Orwell first wrote ‘nearly all,’ then crossed out ‘nearly’ and added ‘seven’ interlinearly. Peter Davison

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4 Responses to 14.6.39.

  1. This is an incisive insight into Blair’s unheralded prowess as a Poultry Tycoon.

  2. Cruise Blackwell says:

    I wonder what Orwell would make of todays factory farms.

  3. Phil Barker says:

    I noticed this a couple of weeks ago in Sheldon’s biography of Orwell, which wouldn’t have made as much sense had I not been reading this diary. When asked for a summary of his life for Twentieth Century Authors (ca. 1942), Orwell said “I cannot honestly say that I have done anything except write books and raise hens and vegetables”.

  4. I’d go back to Lower Binfield!

    Why not? I thought as I jammed her into top gear. Why shouldn’t I? What was to stop me? And why the hell hadn’t I thought of it before? A quiet holiday in Lower Binfield—just the thing I wanted.

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