Windy, coldish & occasional drizzle. Put up stakes & wires upon which to stretch strings for runner beans. Fixed door of henhouse & supported it off the ground.
K.’s milk yield increasing slightly.
15 eggs.
(NB began new bottle of iron pills yesterday).

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3 Responses to 15.6.39.

  1. Roving Thundercloud says:

    But what about the jackdaw? Were its nefarious designs realized, or is it biding its time?

  2. Indeed.

    Palpable intrigue.

  3. ‘What do they want to march them up and down for?’ I said to the barber.

    ‘I dunno. I s’pose it’s kind of propaganda, like.’

    I knew, of course. Get the kids war-minded. Give us all the feeling that there’s no way out of it, the bombers are coming as sure as Christmas, so down to the cellar you go and don’t argue. Two of the great black planes from Walton were zooming over the eastern end of the town. Christ! I thought, when it starts it won’t surprise us any more than a shower of rain. Already we’re listening for the first bomb. The barber went on to tell me that thanks to Miss Todgers’s efforts the school-kids had been served with their gas-masks already

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