Heavy rain in the night, raining on & off most of the day, till about 5pm. when it cleared up. Too wet to do much out of doors. Placed strings for beans (much too low), began preparing a patch for turnips in place of those which failed in the drought.
Am giving the hens grit & shell – the first time they have had it, as I thought it was not necessary on chalky soil. However, of late some of the eggshells, though not thin, have been of rather bad texture. Now that the new house is raised the pullets get out under the edges in the mornings, so it is nowhere near foxproof until floored.
A few strawberries now red. Canterbury bells well out but want sticking. Grass is a lot better after the rain. Seem to be no gaps in maincrop potatoes.
15 eggs.


Cream Cheese from Goat’s Milk. – The simplest cream cheese to make is the following, W. J. C. (Bletchley). To 1 quart of fresh, warm milk add half a teaspoon of rennet and stir well. Let stand for 12 hours then cut the curd into pieces of uniform walnut size with a curd knife or enameled ladle. Transfer the cut curd to cheese cloth, and hang up to drain for 24 hours. Then take down, add a pinch of salt and place in a mould stood on a small straw mat. Place another mat on top and slightly weigh down. Keep thus for two days, turning the mould over and weighting from the other side once during this time. The cheese is then ready for use.

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7 Responses to 16.6.39.

  1. ona island says:

    Good old George – seems more preoccupied with gardening than writing today, which is at least one thing we have in common

  2. scott says:

    fascinating. imagine a newspaper article like that in a paper today!

  3. Wally says:

    You know, I think Eric, for the most part, is using this diary to record what happens in his garden and nature for use in future seasons. This is exactly the stuff that my garden diary contains. 3)

  4. Phil Barker says:

    I’ve been using an online tool called Wordle which analyses the word frequencies in text and turns them in a graphic representation. You can compare recent entries in this diary http://www.wordle.net/gallery/wrdl/943058/Orwell%27s_diary with his essay “Why I Write”. The essay features write/wrote/written, failure, war, political, aesthetic … whereas (as we know) his diary is all eggs, hens and potatoes. I find it quite a touching comparison.

  5. Phil Barker says:

    sorry, forgot to paste the link to the Why I write wordle picture: http://www.wordle.net/gallery/wrdl/943056/Orwell%3A_Why_I_write

  6. Bob says:

    Seriously now; this Orwell site has been ongoing for nearly a year (maybe more!) now and has been composed of almost nothing but arcane triviality. I really thought the author of ‘1984’ would have had at least SOMETHING interesting to say at some point. Was this diary written by an Orwell who spent his life as an itinerant gardener? Who’s doing the nominating on this ‘Webby’ award and how could this Orwell site possibly have qualified for ANY award at this point? I’m losing faith after this long … and it must indeed take faith to still believe that this Orwell might someday say something more universally interesting. Or is this site a sociologist’s experiment to see how long people will keep visiting it? Or maybe it’s some form of quirky English humor that Americans don’t yet understand. So far I’ve seen nothing that would indicate that what remains will be anything but more of the same.

  7. Stephen says:


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