Fine most of the morning, raining most of the afternoon. Not cold. Ground now too wet to do much in garden. Put out runner beans to fill up gaps in row, sowed sweet williams & wallflowers, mended frame, substituting windolite for glass. Note that windolite tends to develop small holes & [I] do not know whether it is repairable. Began thinning carrots, which, however, are largely gaps already, thanks to drought.
K’s milk going up again (about 47 oz.)
15 eggs.

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5 Responses to 19.6.39.

  1. Stephen says:

    Every day working in the garden. Every day a weather report, a floral update, an egg count. Every day a journal entry. Is this not some frantic determined effort to bury himself, in hard work and reliable detail, instead of – or at least as a rest from – thinking about the outside world brewing in Europe?

  2. The Ridger says:

    Stephen, I’m sure you’re right. Better to worry about carrots and windolite than war.

  3. The time I spend in my garden, on my lawn, under the shade tree, standing around looking at my pickup truck; that’s when I do my best thinking.
    Then I run in here and share my profundity.
    So, since the carrots were, in fact, largely gaps already, was he just pantomiming? Or was he “thinning” imaginary carrots? Hm-m-m!?!
    Meanwhile, next weekend we will win the The Windolite Cup [pdf] and £1.50 for the Best Bird in Show at the Poultry Show over in Shropshire. While we’re there, we will also win The Meiklejohn Perpetual Eggs Challenge Cup and £10.00 for the Best Eggs!

    I can’t wait for the DUNDEE FLOWER AND FOOD FESTIVAL 2009 in Camperdown Country Park, Dundee in September when we win the Windolite Trophy [pdf] and £10.00 for our chrysanthemums.

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