Cold, windy & some drizzle. Fire in the house all day. Did nothing out of doors. Did not put the goats out, owing to cold. Perennial Canterbury Bell (very poor flower) is well out.
11 eggs. Sold 40 @ 2/2 score.

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6 Responses to 21.6.39.

  1. Jane says:

    But did he read a newspaper as he sat in front of the fire – an/or reflect on about Britain’s preparations for war? It seems like he has decided to make this a gardening diary, after all.

  2. Phil Barker says:

    Some of you might be interested in this:

    It’s a Google Search customized to search only works by or about Orwell, for example these diaries, the works put on the web by the University of Adelaide (they are out of copyright in Australia), his wikipedia entry.

    You can embed the search box on you own pages, if you like either your blog or website, which is what I’ve done at http://www.pjjk.net/orwellsearch/ (And in case you’re wondering, no I don’t stand to gain materially from doing this, tho’ Google might through their ads).

  3. The weather information is amusing–sounds like our rainy situation here in (New) Jersey.

  4. The Ridger says:

    Only drizzle would be an improvement… I don’t think I realized the goats had a barn? shed? house?

  5. With the “Humidity Index”, the temperature has been 109°F [42.78°C] for several days now (actual temperature: 99°F [37.22°C]) and there is no let-up in sight here about 3mi [4.828km] from the shadow of the new Cowboys Stadium [I call it The Mothership].

  6. M.Serapis says:

    Same here in Oregon, but no goats or eggs for me.

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