Overcast & drizzle but somewhat less cold. Did nothing in garden. Wallflowers sown 19.6.39 (in frame) beginning to show & carnations sown a day earlier also germinating. Thanks to the rain, a few carrots beginning to sprout in what were previously the gaps. Much of Innes’s hay in & stacked. Peonies out. In Mrs B.’s garden mulleins out.
13 eggs.

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4 Responses to 23.6.39.

  1. Phil Barker says:

    Some of you might be interested in this:

    It’s a Google Search customized to search only works by or about Orwell, for example these diaries, the works put on the web by the University of Adelaide (they are out of copyright in Australia), his wikipedia entry.

  2. Phil Barker says:

    If you’re interested, you can embed the search box on you own pages, either your blog or website, which is what I’ve done at http://www.pjjk.net/orwellsearch/ (And in case you’re wondering, no I don’t stand to gain materially from doing this, tho’ Google might through their ads).

  3. Jane says:

    I think Orwell is writing this diary to record what he does in the garden so he can learn from it for future years. He never intended anyone else to read it. This is why it’s so factual and boring, so far anyway.

  4. Meanwhile, the World’s Fair wows crowds.

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