[On 24 June Orwell went to Southwold to be with his father, who was very ill. Richard Blair died of cancer of the rectum on 28 June. Orwell was by his bedside. He returned to Wallington on 30 June. From 24-30 June the Diary is written in Eileen’s hand. Peter Davison]

Overcast & showery all morning but sunny periods later & less cold. Goats out all day for the first time this week. A few very fine scabious out in the hedgerows but wild flowers much scarcer than a week or two ago. Albertine rose showing more colour but not yet out; this & the bush roses have been in bud for a fortnight or more. Began earthing up maincrop potatoes. No gaps, though rather uneven growth.
14 eggs. Total for week: 96[1]

[1] Total was added later, in Orwell’s hand. Peter Davison

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4 Responses to 24.6.39.

  1. Abbey Nationalist says:

    I think that the fact that the Diary is in Eileen’s hand whilst GO/EB is away explains a lot. This is essentially an agricultural diary, a journal of record of the climate, produce etc. I suspect it is being kept for future reference for reasons to do with the output from their smallholding. Anything to do with political thought and/or current affairs is simply not relevant in this journal. et’s hope it becomes so soon…..

  2. How strange it is to feel sudden sympathy for a loss that occurred 70 years ago.

    Following this time-shifted journal is a bizarre and wonderful experience.

  3. Steve says:

    Today would have marked a solid month of entries from GO/EB.

    I might have a tin ear, but it seems to me that even though this entry is in E’s hand, it’s in GO/EB’s voice, except that he’s obviously more on top of the egg production numbers. The weekly total is worth 10/10, but he only notes sales occasionally.

  4. To whom it may concern:
    Next month (July) Turner Classic Movies will be showing films from 1939 (about 60 hours worth)–every Thursday for 12 hours starting at 8:00pm EDT.

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