Fine all day & fairly warm until evening. Sweet williams, two red roses & one Albertine full out. A salvia & a marigold in bud. Some stonecrop in full flower. Stonecrop appears to flower erratically as one clump has been out for two or three weeks & others (all contemporary) are still in bud.
15 eggs.

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11 Responses to 25.6.39.

  1. Here’s some propoganda that Goebbels wrote yesterday regarding propaganda and some interior decorating “tips” I ran across.

  2. Dan R. says:

    Happy 36th Birthday, George!

  3. Happy 106th Birthday, Eric.

  4. Roving Thundercloud says:

    On my walk this morning I saw: roses still going full force, lillies doing well, poppies done. Hosta blooming, and I suddenly noticed (as GO did today with the stonecrop/sedum) that succulents are blooming, including an optimistic (we are in Oregon) neighbor’s huge yucca.

    In our garden, peas are pretty much done (we’re having to eat the last quickly, as they are going from sweet to starchy) but the beans are lagging. Will rip out peas this wekeend and plant pumpkins for Halloween.

  5. skippy says:

    No mention that this day was Orwell’s 36th birthday.

  6. @Dan R. and Birthday Wish

    Here are some of Orwell’s cake recipes if you need help celebrating: http://www.theorwellprize.co.uk/the-award/key-dates/orwellbirthday.aspx

  7. Steve says:

    Wikipedia says sultanas are equivalent to Thompson seedless grapes. Are we really supposed to add whole grapes to the cake?

    The soon-to-come sugar rationing is really going to cramp GO/EB’s style.

  8. I don’t know whether to put 36 or 106 candles on the cake.

  9. Steve says:

    My wife says “every cook knows” that when a recipe calls for sultanas, it means raisins made from sultana grapes. So I’m an idiot.

  10. J Harold Hutchinson says:

    I was fifteen at the time George wrote his diary and we were writing our departmental exams for grade nine. The results would tell us the direction we would take academically. An ‘A’ average meant an academic career while a ‘B’ could also but meant four years in high school while a “C’ suggested that the student was better off as a plumber or policeman or whatever.
    While walking down the street at noon some houseware shop had their loud speaker on broadcasting one of Herr Hitlers rant to what must have been a huge gathering because every now and then a deafening roar went up making it seem that all of Germany was behind him.
    Yet most people didn’t think war was imminent, but we were just fifteen.

  11. Stephen says:

    As plum cakes go, it looks like a pretty good raisin and sultana cake … Is this recipe an example of Orwellian Newspeak?

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